V Rising Twilight Snapper | How to Get

The online vampire survival game V Rising has been making waves recently as players explore the gothic open world. There’s plenty to do in the game, from fighting enemies to exploring the dense forests and creepy caves. However, it’s not a survival game if there isn’t an option to fish. One of the fishes in the game has been elusive to players, the Twilight Snapper. We are going to explain exactly how to catch it!

How to Get Twilight Snapper in V Rising

How to Find Twilight Snapper V Rising

Getting the Twilight Snapper in V Rising is simple if you know how to fish. The Twilight Snapper is used as one of the final pieces to summon the Putrid Rat boss. However, you’re going to need to find a fishing pole first if you want to get your hands on this item.

Problem is, you’ll need the crafting recipe for the fishing pole. The only way to get your hands on that is to take down the Rufus the Foreman boss. This is the third boss in the game, and it should be easy to make your way to him and take him out if you’ve been playing for a while. He’s located in the Bandit Logging Camp in Farbane Woods. Hunt him down and kill him to unlock the crafting recipe for the fishing rod.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to make the fishing rod. Head to a woodworking bench and use eight Planks, four Copper Ingots, and four Coarse Threads, to make the fishing rod. If you don’t have a woodworking bench, you can make one with 12 planks, and 60 animal hides.

Now that you have the fishing rod, make your way to the nearest fishing spot and cast a line in. You should be able to catch a Twilight Snapper in no time. You only need one Twilight Snapper to summon the Putrid Rat, so if you’re aiming to fight them more than once, stock up on Twilight Snappers.