V Rising Whetstone Recipe | Where to Find

V Rising takes players on a journey through a gothic world as a Vampire. Rising from the ashes of their destroyed castle they must work with either their friends or go it alone to reclaim their stake in the world. To do that, you’re going to need the best gear to take on enemies. However, some of the best gear requires the use of one specific item. The Whetstone, which can be crafted if you find the Whetstone Recipe.

Where to Find the Whetstone Recipe in V Rising

Where to Find the Whetstone Recipe in V Rising

The Whetstone is an item used to craft some of the more powerful weapons in V Rising‘s Arsenal. There are two ways to get them, either through crafting or by simply finding them.

To find a Whetstone, first make your way to the Farbane Woods. Around the southwest portion of the area are Bandit Encampments. Bandits are some of the few enemies that will drop Whetstones on death. However, you can find Whetstones in chests, or barrels after destroying them. Be careful, as Bandits are a tough enemy, so make sure your Gear Rating is up to snuff before taking on these enemies in search for Whetstone.

The second way to find a Whetstone is to craft one. However, you’ll need to defeat one of the bosses first. Make your way to Grayson the Armorer and defeat him. Once Grayson has met his demise, you’ll unlock the ability to craft the Whetstone. To craft one, you’ll need one Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust, which can be combined in the furnace. If you’re having trouble finding Stone Dust, a simple way to get some is by making stone bricks. Crafting Stone Bricks will create Stone Dust as a byproduct, allowing you to use it for your whetstones.

The Whetstone is a very powerful item when crafting better weapons for your Vampire arsenal, whether it’s finding, or crafting them, you’re going to need a Whetstone if you wish to survive in this world.

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