Valheim Cartography Table | How to Craft and Use

As a Viking, knowing about your surroundings can be a critical part of any quest. In Valheim, a randomly generated adventure, this is doubly true! Thankfully, in the Hearth and Home update, the Cartography Table is here to rescue us lost souls. A piece of paper on a table might not seem like that big of a deal, but trust us; you’re going to want to make this. Why is that? Well, read on if you want to find out!

How to Craft and Use the Cartography Table in Valheim

How to Craft and Use the Cartography Table in Valheim

In order to craft a Cartography Table in Valheim, you’ll need ten Fine Wood, ten Bone Fragments, two Bronze, five Leather Scraps, and four Raspberries. Once you bring those materials to a Level 1 workbench, you can place the Cartography Table anywhere where you’d like.

Once placed, the map allows you to interact in two different ways: ‘Record Discoveries’ places the content of your map (including text) onto the Table’s map, while ‘Read Map’ will allow any other player to copy the information that you have onto their map.

For a multiplayer game, being able to share information is crucial. Sure, you could always tell your friends to head in a specific direction to find what they need, but having the map will always be better! Especially for friends that can’t be on all the time, this feature lets them join the fun after everyone else records their information.

The table is definitely worth it in multiplayer but is completely useless in single player. If you like how it looks, then it is worth putting down. However, it isn’t cheap, and it is designed with multiplayer in mind.

You need to place the Cartography Table in a pretty definite base for it to be useful. The table is weak to being broken, as it isn’t guaranteed to save information when it’s broken down for raw parts. Make sure it’s in a place where you plan on making a Portal Platform. Otherwise, you’re going to need to re-record everything.

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