Valheim Charcoal Kiln | How to Craft

If you plan on crafting metal armor and weapons in Valheim, you’ll need to refine a lot of ore in the Smelter for it. Furthermore, you’ll need a lot of coal to keep your Smelter running. While there are a few methods for farming coal, the Charcoal Kiln is by far the best way to obtain it. This converts all types of wood into Charcoal, which can then be used to feed your Smelter. That’s why you’ll want one sooner or later, so keep reading to learn how to make one.

How to Craft Charcoal Kiln in Valheim

How to Craft Charcoal Kiln in Valheim

You can craft the Charcoal Kiln in Valheim at the Workbench with 20 Stones and 5 Surtling Core. You can get Stone pretty easily by picking it up from the ground or from mining rocks with your pickaxe. Surtling Core, on the other hand, you can get from the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest biome, or as a drop by killing Surtlings. You can find these creatures in the Swamp and Ashland biomes. Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary stone and Surtling Core, you can simply craft your Charcoal Kiln at a workbench.

Once you’ve built your Charcoal Kiln, keep in mind that it takes up a 4×4 space and cannot be placed on wood floors, only the ground. You can load any type of wood into it, and has a capacity of 25 wood. A new Charcoal Kiln has a durability of 1,500, so it should last you a long time. Nonetheless, it’s fairly simple to create a new one when the time comes.

Now that you have a Charcoal Kiln, as long as your feeding wood into it, you’ll have a constant supply of coal. Which you can then use to keep your Smelter running and refine all the ores you need. Then you can take these smelted ores to your Forge to make bars, which you need to craft metal armor and weapons.

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