Valheim Guck Sacks | How to Farm Guck

Valheim has a ridiculous number of materials for you to collect. From the most base wood to the flashiest metals, your Viking experience requires some real dedication to the craft. One of the less traditional materials lie in the swamps of Valheim and… Well, it’s gross. Guck Sacks in Valheim are rare, but important to keep your eyes out for. This guide will go over where they are, how to farm them, and why you should want them.

How to Farm Guck Sacks in Valheim

Valheim Guck Sacks

Valheim Guck Sacks are found high up in the trees all throughout the Swamp. In order to get to them, you need to get enough wood to stack up to the small, green circles near the top of the trees. Then, you can mine them with an axe or a pickaxe to receive the Guck from inside of the sack. Guck Sacks are important for decoration and the Draugr Fang bow.

These things are legitimately annoying to get to. The most efficient way is to build a workbench at the base of the tree and just jump, build a platform under yourself, and repeat. This can elevate you right up to the sacks without you needing to build intricate scaffolding or ladders or whatever. Then, once the sacks are harvested, you can start breaking them down.

Why might you want them? Well, they make for cool green-tinted torches, or green colored banners. Good for a spooky swamp environment for your home, if you’re into that theme.

However, if you’re wanting a combat reason, they do make one weapon; the Draugr Fang. This bow deals damage and inflicts some poison damage as well. This is the fourth tier bow, and is currently the strongest ranged weapon in the game. To upgrade it fully, one would need 22 total Guck. In addition to the Guck, you’ll need a ton of Silver, a good amount of Ancient Bark, and Deer hide. Still, this is a very good weapon, and a good idea to make for the next content patch.

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