Valheim | How to Smelt Black Metal Scrap

At long last, we have new content to return to in Valheim. Because this is a resource-based game where Iron Gate thought ahead, we have some metals to smelt! However, things aren’t quite as straight-forward as you might think; we can’t smelt everything in the game yet, nor is it a simple project to make it usable. Black Metal is the current top-tier material in Valheim, and so you’ll need to learn how to smelt it. Thankfully, it’s not too tricky to figure out.

How to Smelt Black Metal in Valheim

Valheim Black Metal

In order to smelt Black Metal in Valheim, you’ll first need to build a Blast Furnace. For that, you’ll need to defeat Moder, then craft an Artisan table. Once you’ve built a Blast Furnace, simply interact with it to smelt your Black metal scrap.

You can get Black Metal Scrap from the Fuling enemies. Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, Fuling Shamans, and their chests are the only possible way to get this scrap. You cannot mine it in any way.

The Blast Furnace is by far the most important upgrade that you can get for Hearth and Home. Other than your Artisan Table, which requres 2 Dragon Tears from Moder and 10 Wood from trees, you’ll need some older resources for your Blast Furnace. Specifically, you need 20 Stone, 5 Surtling Cores, 10 Iron, and 20 Fine Wood. This massive structure will allow you to smelt metals extremely fast… However, you can only smelt these Scraps and Flametal Ore in this thing.

The ore is crucial to upgrade your inventory. Blackmetal weaponry and shields are all crucial to move onto higher-difficulty areas. If you want numbers, you’ll need 358 Black Metal to create and upgrade every single Black Metal item that is currently in the game. The resource does not have any armor associated with it, so you’re just building up some gear.

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