Valheim Onions | How to Plant and Grow

Thanks to the Valheim Hearth and Home update, players are returning to find many changes and additions. Among the new items is a new crop to plant and cultivate: Onions. Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about where to find Onions and what can be made from them.

How to Grow Onions in Valheim

How to Grow Onions in Valheim

One interesting thing about onions in Valheim is that you won’t find them growing anywhere while exploring. You can only find onion seeds within treasure chests in a single biome, the Mountains. The chests are usually found in old dilapidated forts dotted around the biome. Once you find some, it’s time to run or teleport back home and get to farming.

Like all farmable plants in Valheim, onions require cultivated soil and are planted using the Cultivator tool. Fortunately, they do not have biome growing restrictions like Barley and Flax which can only be grown in the Plains, so onions can be comfortably farmed in the Meadows area. As such with most cultivated plants, onions will take about 3 in-game days to grow. Once harvested, you can replant an onion to be awarded three onion seeds for renewing and expanding your crop. This eliminates the need to run back into the Mountains to hunt for additional treasure chests.

What Can You Cook With Onions?

Once you have some onions, it’s time to get cooking. You can eat them on their own for a low Health boost of 13 and moderate Stamina boost of 40. Doing this will last 900 seconds (or 15 minutes) and provide 1hp/tick healing. However, they are much more effective when cooked with a recipe. As of the Hearth and Home update, onions can be used in two recipes: Onion Soup and Wolf Skewer.

Onion Soup is easy to make and requires a Level 2 Cauldron. Simply combine three Onions and you will have Onion Soup that provides the following benefits:

  • 20 Health
  • 60 Stamina
  • 1200 second duration
  • 1hp/tick Healing

The Wolf Skewer is more Health focused, requires a Level 3 Cauldron and one Wolf Meat, two Mushrooms and one Onion that provides the following for your character:

  • 65 Health
  • 21 Stamina
  • 1500 second duration
  • 3hp/tick Healing

You now know everything there is to know about Onions in Valheim! There is a lot more to be added in future updates, and we’ll be updating our guides accordingly should they add new recipes or uses for onions.

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