Valheim Root Armor | How to Make

If you spend a lot of time in Valheim‘s Swamp biome, you’ll want a fitting piece of armor for exploring. And the Root Armor set should be your first choice. This swamp-based armor set provides poison resistance and a bonus to your bow skills, but is susceptible to fire damage; after all, it is just a bunch of bark and branches. Nonetheless, you’ll blend in with your surroundings and feel right at home in the Swamp biome while wearing it. Here’s what you need to do to put a set together for yourself.

How to Make Root Armor in Valheim

How to Make Root Armor in Valheim

There are three pieces to the Root Armor set in Valheim. Here are the crafting materials that each piece requires:

  • Root Harnesk: 10 Root, 10 Ancient Bark, two Deer Hide
  • Root Leggings: 10 Root, 10 Ancient Bark, two Deer Hide
  • Root Mask: 10 Root, 10 Ancient Bark, four Leather Scrap

As you can see, this armor set requires a lot of Root and Ancient Bark to make. Root is dropped by Abominations, a large tree-looking monster found in the Swamp biome (featured in the image above). Each Abomination will drop 5 Roots, so you’ll need to kill a total of six to obtain all of the Root needed for the armor set. Abominations are also not all that common, so this could be a bit of a challenge. Ancient Bark, on the other hand, you can farm by chopping down Ancient Trees, which can only be found in the swamp biome.

Once you’ve gathered all the Root and Ancient Bark required (A total of 30 each) you’ll just need four Deer Hide, and four Leather Scrap to complete the set. Both are easy to get, as Deer Hide is dropped by Deer and Leather Scrap from Boars. Once you have all the materials required, you can craft the Root Armor set at a level 2 workbench.

Each of the Root Harnesk, Leggings, and Mask will require 12 Root and 30 Ancient Bark to fully upgrade. So, in total, you’ll need 36 more Root and 90 more Ancient Bark, on top of the requirements for the base set, to fully upgrade the Root Armor.

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