Valheim Sausage | How to Make

You’ll need to bulk up if you want to be one of Valheim’s strongest and most daring Vikings. Or in the case of this survival sandbox, also just getting your level up. Regardless, you’ll need a consistent source of food to maintain your health and stamina. It’s no secret that Vikings loved and thrived on meat, and the same is true in Valheim, with one of the best proteins in the game being none other than Sausage. So read on to learn how to gather the ingredients and cook this delicacy.

How to Make Sausage in Valheim

How to Make Sausage in Valheim

To make Sausage in Valheim, you need to cook two Entrails, four Thistles, and one Raw Meat in a leve-two Cauldron. While that sounds easy enough, you have to acquire each of these ingredients by yourself, which can be a time-consuming process. The most basic is Raw Meat, which can be obtained as a drop from killing Deer or Boars.

Entrails are piles of guts that are dropped by killing Draugr, which can only be found in the Swamp biome. Last but not least we need Thistles to give our Sausage a bit of flavor. Thistles, which appear as glowing blue plants, can also be found in the Swamp and Black Forest biomes. So, while you’re out farming these biomes, we recommend stocking up on both of these items to save yourself a trip. Furthermore, the more ingredients you have to make Sausage the better, as they are one of the best foods in the game.

Sausage is one of the best meals in Valheim due to the stat buff it gives you. Eating Sausage will increase your max health by 60 points and Stamina by 40, and the effects will last for 1600 seconds. So regardless if you’re roaming the land for resources or heading into battle, you’ll want to bring Sausage with you. And, because it’s so simple to make, it’s a great source of food to rely on early in the game.

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