Valheim Spice Rack Placement | How to Position

At long last, the first update to Valheim is here! The Hearth and Home update promises to bring new base-building content to the game. From cosmetics to brand new content, Valheim seems like it’s better than ever! And now, you can cook up a kitchen worth sharing. The Spice Rack in Valheim is a treat to look at… But a shame to place! Learn how to make the rack work in your own home!

Valheim Spice Rack Placement | How to Position

Valheim Spice Rack

In order to place a Spice Rack in Valheim, you need to have a beam, shelf, or another sort of upper anchor to work with. The Spice Rack must hang from something; it can’t be placed directly onto a wall. You’ll also need a Cauldron nearby, so the game knows you’re setting up a kitchen. Make sure the center is well-shown so that the game can snap to it more easily, though as long as you’re mousing over the arc, you should be all set. Hang it near a fire and see your kitchen look a million times cooler!

A Spice Rack requires Carrots x2,  Dandelions x3, Thistles x3, Turnips x3, and Mushrooms x5. It’s a building, but it’s an upgrade structure; this will upgrade your Cauldron in the same way that you upgrade a workbench or any other station.

Because of this, you have a radius around the Cauldron that you can work with. For instance, you can place your Cauldron near the outside of the house and hang your Spice Rack from your outside roof. Or, you can place your Cauldron near a shed and have a ton of roof real estate to work with.

Level 2 Cauldrons make Black Soup, Muckshake, and Onion Soup. These items are mostly for healing, and a touch of utility. No matter what, the Spice Rack is not expensive at all, so you should make it whenever possible!

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