Valorant | Where Is Pearl Located?

You may not expect it, but the in-game lore in Valorant is surprisingly deep. While most competitive shooters focus on gameplay, Riot Games’ futuristic hit also dives deep on the world behind its skirmishes, and the stories involved. Even each map has its own backstory, leading to some players being interested in where Pearl is located. This murky seaside map is the eighth one in the game, but its backstory is something of a mystery. Here’s where Pearl is located in Valorant.

Where Is Pearl Located in Valorant?

Where Is Pearl Located in Valorant?

Pearl is located in Lisbon, Portugal. This piece of information comes directly from the Valorant wiki. The map’s coordinates actually line up with a real-life location within the capital city, too. It directs to a town square called Largo do Como, which seems to have inspired the design of Pearl.

The Pearl map is set just by the riverside, with market stalls and tall buildings aligning into an overall square as well as various alleys. As per the map of Largo do Como, it seems that Riot Games took direct inspiration from the real-life location. Of course, it took some creative liberties too. The real Lisbon isn’t partly underwater, while the Pearl map definitely is.

In fact, the Pearl map is the first in Valorant to be located on Omega Earth. It is an alternate version of our planet, ravaged by global warming – hence why Pearl partly takes place underwater. This new map was only added to the game in June 2022, so you can bet that future maps will also be set on Omega Earth down the line.

As such, Portuguese players may recognize a thing or two in the new Pearl map in Valorant. While it’s not a wholly photorealistic recreation of the capital city, it’s a nifty transformation of the real-life location, fitting it into the game’s futuristic world.