Vampire Survivors Arcana | List and Unlock Requirements

Vampire Survivors is such an impressive game with a ton of mechanics already. In fact, some can argue it has too many mechanics! The Randomazzo adds in a layer of build planning to any Vampire Survivors run. When activated, this item provides so many different ways to play a round. But, it is a hidden mechanic, and all but one card need to be unlocked manually! If you’re sick of combing through wikis to see what you need for the Arcana system in Vampire Survivors, everything you have to know is on this one page!

Guide to Arcanas and the Randomazzo

Guide to Arcana and the Randomazzo in Vampire Survivors

The Randomazzo and Arcana system is an extremely powerful option for players in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get Arcanas

To even unlock the Arcana system in Vampire Survivors, you must first find the Randomazzo. The Randomazzo is located far to the north of the Gallo Tower. Be sure to have a build capable of surviving or defeating the Witches that surround it! Once you’ve collected it once, it is permanently unlocked.

How Do Arcanas Work?

To use Arcana in the first place, you must check the “Arcanas?” box at the Stage Selection screen. This will turn on the cards.

Once you’re in a run, you will be allowed to choose any card that you’ve unlocked. This card is given to you for free.

During the run, chests at ~11 and ~21 minutes will drop a Randomazzo. This will let you choose between 4 different cards to augment your build. You can spend your Rerolls on these card options. These chests do replace weapon drops at that level, but most Arcana cards are well worth it.

List of All Arcana Cards in Vampire Survivors

Game Killer

Game Killer

  • Unlocked By: Defeating the boss of the Cappella Magna.
  • Effect: Stops XP gain. Gems become damaging attacks. Treasures contain three items at minimum.

This is probably the weakest arcana card. If you want to try this, make sure your build is complete by the 21 minute mark. Then, you can dig for this. The extra damage from the gems is nice, but you have to have the build ready to go. Otherwise, the chests don’t do that much.

I – Gemini

Vampire Survivors Gemini Arcana

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Pugnala
  • Effect: Peachone, Ebony Wings, Phiera Der Tuphello, and Eight the Sparrow all gain counterparts.

This is a weird one. When you acquire this weapon, you will receive four different counterparts. They are basically the same as the weapons that you got before, and share stats with the previous weapons. These weapons are not part of your 6, making this the only way to play with six weapons as of patch 9.0

The weapons are as follows:

Vampire Suvivors Arcana I Weapons

  • Cygnus (For Peachone)
  • Zhar Ptytsia (For Ebony Wings)
  • Red Muscle (For Phiera Der Tuphello)
  • Twice Upon a Time (For Eight the Sparrow)

Unfortunately, these weapons cannot evolve, and the Birds and Pistols don’t do much damage. This can be a fine choice if you plan on getting both pistols and birds and evolving them… But that is a risky build to say the least! If you do get both, then this Arcana alone can push almost 6k DPS… Which isn’t saying too much.

For Arcana synergies, Red Muscle benefits from Heart of Fire. Twice Upon A Time and Cygnus both benefit from Jail of Crystal.

II – Twilight Requiem

  • Unlocked by: Level 99 with Dommario
  • Effect: King Bible, Unholy Vespers, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Runetracer, Shadow Pinion, Bone, and Celestial Dusting all explode when they expire.

This arcana is viable for very, very specific builds. If you’re running Mortaccio, then you might be able to make this function for a Bible build. However, since the benefits don’t currently apply to any evolved weapons, it can be hard to make a build around it.

On the bright side, the explosions are basically the attack again. So, you can chunk bosses pretty effectively with Bones. Be careful with this one, it’s probably not worth making a full build out of.

III – Tragic Princess

Tragic Princess Arcana

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Porta.
  • Effect: Garlic, Santa Water, Lighting Ring, (and their evolutions) and Carréllo attack more often while you are moving.

A fun build-around for characters that start with Garlic, Santa Water, or the Lightning Ring. Porta in particular loves this! Getting all three of these items can lead to a very high damage build. And these items deserve some love; they’re poor DPS without this!

IV – Awake


  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Krochi.
  • Effect: Gives +3 Revivals. Whenever you die, gain +10% Max Health, +1 Armor, and +5% Might, Area, Duration, and Speed.
  • Weapon Synergies: Phieraggi.

This is perhaps the best Arcana for every single build, since it’s just three extra chances at life. If you have no idea what to pick, Awake is always fine. It’ll also buff Phieraggi, making it deal much more damage.

V – Chaos in the Dark Night

Chaos in the Dark Night

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Giovanna.
  • Effect: Changes Projectile Speed between -50% and +200% over time.

A middling one. It works well with items like NO FUTURE whose weapon speed can massively boost damage, but it comes with a random downside. It’s a fine pick, which can burst through enemy health bars like its nothing.

VI – Sarabonde of Healing

Sarabonde of Healing

  • Unlocked By: Default.
  • Effect: Doubles healing. Healing damages nearby enemies.
  • Weapon Synergies: Bloody Tear, Fuwalafuwaloo, Soul Eater, Celestial Dusting.

This Arcana is the first one you get, and it enables the tank build. So, I love it! By getting the Bloody Tear and Soul Eater, alongside other durable items like the Laurel or NO FUTURE, you can become completely invincible. Fun build-around!

VII – Iron Blue Will

Iron Blue Will Arcana

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Gennaro.
  • Effect: The Knife, Axe, Pistols (and their evolutions) as well as the Carréllo gain three bounces and can pass through enemies and walls.

This slightly buffs the usefulness of Knife and Axe, while helping Pistols clear early game enemies. Fun to play with, but there are better options.

VIII – Mad Groove

Mad Groove

  • Unlocked By: Surviving to minute 31 in the Mad Forest
  • Effect: Every two minutes, all collectables on the stage come to you.

This is a critical item if you want to evolve the items that can kill death. It is also useful for XP generation and getting the pickups that are scattered around the battlefield. A really solid option, and almost required for the Infinite Corridor.

X – Beginning


  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Antonio.
  • Effect: Gives the character’s starting weapon (and its evolution) +3 Amount. In addition, gives the Bone, Cherry Bomb, Carréllo, Celestial Dusting, and La Robba +1 Amount if they didn’t already have it.

A very strong weapon for almost every character. Adding +3 to their projectile count is completely nuts. This will carry you early on and continue to be useful later. However, it really only applies to one weapon slot, unlike most other Arcanas. Unless you’re doing the Non-Evolution Weapon build, this one is just good.

XI – Waltz of Pearls

Waltz of Pearls

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Imelda.
  • Effect: Magic Wand, Fire Wand, Cross (and their evolutions) and Carréllo all gain three bounces.

This does a lot to make the Wands more useful, but isn’t required by any means. Fire Wand and Cross both have a better Arcana to go for.

XII – Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds Arcana

  • Unlocked By: Surviving to minute 31 in Gallo Tower.
  • Effect: Freezing enemies deals damage. You’re more likely to find freezing clocks.

Very fun one! If you start as Gallo, this can help you early. Otherwise, only take this if you have a ton of ways to freeze, such as an Infinite Corridor or the upcoming Arcana.

XIV – Jail of Crystal

Jail of Crystal

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Pasqualina.
  • Effect: Magic Wand, Runetracer (and their evolutions), and Eight The Sparrow  have a chance to freeze enemies.

This gives a small amount of additional defensive utility to these weapons. If you really want to play it safe, this can be reasonable, but Awake is probably better for defense.

XV – Disco of Gold

Disco of Gold

  • Unlocked By: Survive to minute 31 in the Inlaid Library.
  • Effect: Gold heals you. Picking up gold bags trigger Gold Fever.
  • Weapon Synergies: Vicious Hunger.

A very funny one! Money is important to farm, and this Arcana makes making money much easier. It also makes you unreasonably tanky. A really fun card for the Cat and its evolution, and actually a very viable option for farming gold.

XVI – Slash


  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Lama.
  • Effect: Knife, Whip, Axe, Vento Sacro, and Cross (and their evolutions) have a chance to crit. Critical hits deal double their normal damage.

This is a weapon-defining Arcana. It’s great for these items, and makes the Heaven Sword a very, very strong option. The Luck works with the crit for the other weapons, so stacking the Clover is great for the late game. This card hurts a lot, so if you want a build with these four weapon evolutions, you can really put up numbers!

XVII –Lost & Found Painting

Lost and Found Panting

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Poppea.
  • Effect: Duration changes between -50% and +200% over time.

Another middling one. Duration is very, very good for weapons like La Borra and the Song of Mana, but it isn’t critical for many other weapons. This gives a “soft” bonus to Area, as you will on average have more area than not. Give it a try if you want your Santa Water to be incredible.

XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions

Boogaloo of Illusions

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Concetta.
  • Effect: Area changes between -25% and +50% over time.

Area is even harder to justify than Duration. Technically, this is an area buff, so you can have a gigantic aura of Garlic. But, uh… This isn’t much area at all.

XIX – Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire

  • Unlocked By: Level 99 with Arca.
  • Effect: Fire Wand, Phiera Der Tuphello (and their evolutions) and Valkyrie Tuner causes explosions on impact. Light sources explode, and the player explodes when damaged.

A gigantic buff to Fire Wand and Valkyrie Tuner. If you want to do a run with these weapons, this should be in your sights.

XX – Silent Old Sanctuary

Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana

  • Unlocked By: Surviving to minute 31 in the Dairy Plant.
  • Effect: +3 Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes. Gives +20% Might and -8% cooldown for each empty weapon slot.

A fun build-around! You can set your total number of weapon slots on the Stage Selection menu, so if you want to play with this, make sure you start with only one or two available weapon slots. Then, you can really make a mad build.