Vampire Survivors Best Weapons | How to Unlock

Vampire Survivors has loads of different weapons to choose from. There are magical wands, whips, crosses, and more! These weapons are all vital to surviving in this dangerous world. So, you might wonder, what weapons are best for consistently clearing runs? While all weapons are good, these are what we consider the best weapons in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock the Best Weapons in Vampire Survivors

When we talk about the best weapons, we are mostly considering two things: How good is the upgraded weapon at dealing damage, and how useful is the utility item? We’ve got six armaments here that will help players consistently clear runs.

While all weapons can win you a run, these weapons do consistent, high damage in an area, have good supporting items, or can save your bacon during a hard time!

Phiera Der Tuphello And Eight The Sparrow

Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Pistols

The best weapon in the game is the combined evolution of Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow. You get these by unlocking Pugnala Provala, a survivor hidden in the coffin of the Mad Forest, and then using her on a run.

This is a difficult combo to pull off. You need to fully upgrade both of the pistols and then get the Tiramisu item.

However, the evolved versions of these weapons do massive damage in a huge radius around you. With high enough cooldown, they are permanent lasers! This combined weapon has the highest DPS in the game when concerning crowds. They aren’t the best Reaper Killers, but they will easily let you win runs.


Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Axe

The Axe is a basic starter weapon. It evolves with the Candleabra.

This weapon is good at area of effect control. The Scythes that it spawns when evolved cover a gigantic amount of screen and do a significant amount of pushback. It’s a very safe weapon, since Axes do high damage early on and Candleabras make your attacks larger in general.

Fire Wand

Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Fire Wand

The Fire Wand acts as a heavy-hitter. It is unlocked when you destroy 20 Lighting fixtures, such as torches or candles.

The Fire Wand is terrible early on. It’s just not that significant and has horrible piercing. Three things make it work, though. The new Arcana system allows the Fire Wand to explode on impact, making it a better weapon. The Evolved Fire Wand does good area damage, fixing its only real problem. And, it evolves with the Spinach. Spinach is a great 50% damage boost to all weapons. Always handy to have on a run!

Lightning Ring

Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Lightning Ring

The Lightning Ring unlocks once you’ve destroyed 5000 enemies. This ring is another rough early-game pick. However, it evolves with the Duplicating Ring, an item which can easily double the damage that specific weapons do.

The evolved version of the Lightning Ring can very easily keep you safe. It has incredible damage and knock back, dealing consistently high DPS over the course of crowded runs like Library.


Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Laurel

The Laurel is the only weapon on this list that cannot evolve. That’s because it really doesn’t need to.

You get the Laurel right at the start, and it gives you an invulnerability shield. No matter how good you are at this game, the Laurel’s shield comes in handy. Early on, it can help save you from silly mistakes. Later, it is a gigantic boon for keeping you alive while you try to take on Death at the end of a run.

Only get a Laurel after you’ve evolved a weapon and are sure that you have enough damage for the rest of the run. If you can’t kill enemies, the Laurel won’t save your run from dying.


Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Garlic

Garlic gets an honorable mention here. Garlic is pretty pathetic in terms of DPS, but it does well for survivability. It’s also great in the early game if you need help killing enemies during the first few steps of a run.

Garlic’s aura naturally lets you knock enemies away from you more. And it keeps you safe from projectiles, which are common in Areas 3 and 4.

In addition, your utility item heals you for 1 HP per second. This isn’t too much, but it heals you to full in a minute! That can be handy, if your floor chicken luck is poor.

We hope this guide helped you out! Check out some of our other game guides!