Vampire Survivors Glass Vizard | Where to Find

Vampire Survivors takes roguelikes to another level by hurling hundreds and thousands of enemies at the player. Surviving the onslaught means finding the right weapons and items. And, in some cases, it means upgrading your permanent abilities. Relics such as the Glass Vizard help toward that front, but they aren’t all freely given. Here’s where to look to find this relic and unlock the merchant in every level.

Where to Find the Glass Vizard in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock Glass Vizard

To get the Glass Vizard, you’ll need to visit with the merchant in Moongolow. This location can only be accessed once you’ve unlocked Hyper Mode on four normal stages. Once you gain access to Moongolow, you can purchase the Glass Vizard for 10,000 gold coins.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just finding it in a random level. The first step is to reach Moongolow, which means you need to unlock Hyper Mode on four normal stages. For that, you’ll have to defeat the boss that spawns at the 25 minute mark. This is usually the last unique baddie you’ll see before Death comes into the arena at the 30 minute mark.

Upon entering Moongolow, you’ll notice a merchant just above the spawn point. Talking to the merchant will reveal the Glass Vizard in his inventory. Let’s hope you saved your cash, because the item comes at a steep price of 10,000 gold. You’ll have to either refund your powerups for quick cash, or fight enough enemies to get your hands on it.

Obtaining this powerful item will spawn the merchant on every stage you go to after that. You don’t have to purchase the Glass Vizard after buying it the first time. The bonus it provides permanent. It’s a big help on your quest to Kill Death.

The Merchant will sell you special items in each stage, including multiple bouncing projectiles and the Golden Egg. This item, which costs the same amount as the Glass Vizard, will permanently increase a random stat of the character you’re playing. But, only by a small amount.