Vampire Survivors Great Gospel | Where to Find

Vampire Survivors patch 0.8 dropped pretty recently, and with it came a brand new mechanic! The Great Gospel provides a new way to experience the endgame of Vampire Survivors. It’s a minor but welcome change to standard runs. However, before you can experience this new endgame, you’ll have to unlock this specific item. What do you have to do to unlock Limit Break mode in Vampire Survivors? Read on to find out.

Where to Find the Great Gospel in Vampire Survivors

Where to Find the Great Gospel in Vampire Survivors

The Great Gospel is unlocked by defeating the brand new final boss of Cappella Magna as any character. You can tell that the final boss is unlocked if, at the beginning of your run, a strange creature consumes the secret items for Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud. Once you reach the end of the run, you’ll have to battle a boss that covers the screen in lines of damage. Once you kill it, you will see the Gospel! Be sure to pick it up before the run ends.

From what we could tell, the final boss of Cappella Magna unlocks as long as you’ve completed the Holy Forbidden event and unlocked the secret items. If that doesn’t work, try using the secret items to kill Death.

The final boss of this area only needs to be defeated once. After you’ve defeated it the first time, the dungeon will become normalized. That is, there will be even fewer angels to fight than in the old Cappella Magna!

The Gospel unlocks a new optional mode that players can try on every stage. After fully leveling all weapons, future levels will no longer grant gold and floor chicken. Instead, they will provide minor boosts to weapon statistics. This can lead to a late game that is even more chaotic than before!

However, these runs will drastically reduce the amount of money that you have access to. If you’ve already purchased everything (except for the infinite, overpriced Eggs), then you should really try this version of the game out! It’s really no different from standard runs, but it can help a weak build eek out a win at the very end.