Vampire Survivors | How to Evolve Garlic

On the surface, Garlic is one of the most unassuming weapons in Vampire Survivors. The small aura does such pitiful damage that it can sometimes hit for 0. But, that does not mean its evolution is not strong by its own right! Garlic becomes the Soul Eater, one of the strongest support items in the game. If you want to be an invincible tank in Vampire Survivors, you need to evolve Garlic.

How to Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors

How to Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors

In order to evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors, you must get Garlic to level 8 while you’re holding the Pummarola passive item. Once your Garlic is level 8,opening a chest will evolve Garlic into the Soul Eater. Soul Eater is a gigantic version of Garlic that hits harder, more often, and heals you for a small amount of health on every hit.

You do not need to level up Pummarola to gain the evolution for Garlic. The only thing that matters is that your Garlic is at the maximum level and that you have at least one level of Pummarola in your inventory. It does not need to be in your first six items if you decide to pick it up afterwards.

Chests sometimes do not evolve weapons. There’s a few reasons for this. On most stages, chests will only drop evolved weapons after 10 minutes. This means that you will have to wait until your chest drops your first Arcana to grab it. Chests also randomly choose between all weapons that can upgrade; if you have the Garlic and Cross ready to upgrade, the chest will choose between the two options.

Soul Eater is not the strongest weapon, but it is very good for durability. Enemies within the large aura are slowed considerably, keeping you safe from harm. They are also more likely to get knocked back and frozen by your other weapons. Garlic synergizes very well with Clock Lancet and NO FUTURE.

It also synergizes with the Bloody Whip, because both of these weapons heal. With the Sarabande of Healing (VI) Arcana, you will be healing for just two health per proc. Okay, it’s not great healing, but you’ll be surprised at how impactful this small amount is. You’ll be healing for those two points very often!