Vampire Survivors | How to Kill Death

Editorial Note: We have updated this guide after the 6.0 Patch to show an easier way to kill Death.

The punishing roguelite Vampire Survivors doesn’t go easy on its players, and that quickly becomes clear when you beat a stage. That in itself is no mean feat, but if you gloat in victory and don’t travel through the portal to end the level, you’ll face a new enemy. That is Death itself, a special boss who spawns in once per every minute you linger on a completed stage. Killing Death is, by no surprise, a tough challenge — but it is possible. Here’s how to take down the Grim Reaper in Vampire Survivors.

How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors

Easiest Way to Kill Death Vampire Survivors


In order to kill death easily in the 6.0 Patch of Vampire Survivors, you will first have to unlock the Moonglow Bonus area.  This new area will have let you unlock the Merchant, a new way to spend money in Vampire Survivors.

Survive for 15 minutes to enter the Forbidden Divine, a bonus area where you will have to avoid projectiles and run to the end. Krochi is our recommendation if you’re having trouble with this area!

Once you’ve cleared the Forbidden Divine, all stages will have two rings and two curse mark hidden items. We suggest using a character with increased movement speed like Krochi or the 4th row characters, since you’ll want all of those items!

The Run to Kill Death

Begin your run by collecting good offensive items, and then make sure you collect the Clock Lancet and Laurel. These items evolve with the new hidden items. You can choose to get the new hidden items before or after you complete your suite of support items. Even if you have collected all items, bonus support items will simply be added on.

We also suggest getting the Wings. These will improve your movement speed so you have more time to farm experience.

We suggest getting the support items by the 15-minute mark. Hopefully, you’ve been able to evolve one or two weapons, making fighting enemies simple.

There will be a powerful robed figure guarding each of these items. Feel free to ignore them.

The final challenge for the run is you will have to level up all of these items! Each of the new items have nine levels, so you’ll want to grab them quickly. Make sure you save two chests so that you can get the upgrades!

What Do The New 6.0 Items Do?

The Infinite Corridor will occasionally halve the health of enemies, and the Crimson Shroud will lower the damage you take to ten. This combo will allow you to easily withstand the first Death that comes for you. Simply circle the Death to freeze him with your clock lancet, and let the Infinite Corridor halve his health over and over again. Eventually, Death will fall!


How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors

First things first: Only the most elite Vampire Survivors players will be able to kill Death. Each of the Grim Reaper’s attacks lands a blistering 65,535 damage. That is all but sure to defeat even the toughest of characters. However, there are some tactics you can employ to boost your chances of achieving what may initially seem impossible.

Outright killing Death is very unlikely, because its base HP is set at 655,350x the player character’s health. As such, you’ll need to employ more underhanded tactics. If you’re using the Suor Clerici character, and activate the Arena bonus providing 400% boosts, there’s a very small area, of just a pixel, where you can stand to avoid his attacks. Remain in that position, continue attacking with all your might, and slowly but surely you’ll kill Death.

If that method isn’t for you, there’s a way to alter the game files to access the character MissingNo. They’re obviously a character not usually intended for players, so it can be considered a cheesy method. However, they’re inherently invulnerable to damage, and as such can defeat Death by default.

Your other options are to use Toastie’s passive bonus combined with armor to stave off the worst of Death’s damage, or to use the Bone weapon with Mortaccio as another super-effective combination. Of course they’re no guarantee that you’ll defeat Death – he’s just that strong in Vampire Survivors.