Vampire Survivors | How to Unlock All Characters

Vampire Survivors has a massive host of different characters for you to start your runs with. They all have weapons to get you started as well as passive statistics to make runs a bit easier. And there are 24 of them currently in the game, as of Patch 5.2. It can be a bit overwhelming to unlock all of these tykes, but don’t worry! This guide will help you find every single one of them so you can get runs with them all! Let’s unlock all characters in Vampire Survivors!

How to Unlock All Characters in Vampire Survivors

All Characters Vampire Survivors First Half

This guide will touch on all 20 characters in Vampire Survivors. In addition, we will tell you how to get the four secret characters that are currently in the game. This guide will not include the “missingNo” character, as that does not currently have a non-cheating way to unlock.

Normal Characters in Vampire Survivors

Antonio Belpaese

Your starting character, starts with a whip. He gains might over time, up to 50%. Has additional Health and Armor.

Imelda Belpaese

You will need to purchase her for 10 coins from the Character screen. You can easily get this after the first run. She begins with the Magic Wand and gains experience over time, up to 30%.

Pasqualina Belpaese

Can be purchased for 100 coins. She begins with the Runetracer and gains projectile speed over time, up to 30%. She also has a bonus 10% projectile speed, to a max of 40% at level 15.

Gennaro Belpaese

Can be purchased for 500 coins. Gennaro has a small health bonus and a +1 to his projectile count, which combos well with his knife.

Arca Ladonna

You must get the Fire Wand up to level 4 and then purchase him from the shop. He starts with the Fire Wand and gains up to 15% Cooldown reduction.

Porta Ladonna

You must get the Lightning Ring to level 4. She starts with the Lighting Ring. She has a 30% Area boost and starts with a massive cooldown bonus that drops to 0% over the course of 3 levels.

Lama Ladonna

You must survive for 20 minutes while suffering from 10% Curse. Curse can be obtained from the Upgrades shop, or from the Skull O’Maniac item. Lama begins with the Axe, starts with +10 Health, Move Speed, Might, and Curse, and gains additional Might, Move Speed, and Curse every 10 levels. She maxes out at +10 Health, 30% Movement, 30% Might, and 30% Curse.

Poe Ratcho

You must get Garlic to level 7. Poe begins with the Garlic, a -30 Health penalty, and a +25% pickup radius.

Suor Clerici

You must recover 1000 HP. She begins with +50 Health, +0.5 Health Recovery, and a 400% Area bonus that shrinks over time. She starts with the Santa Water weapon.


You must get over 5,000 gold in a run. This old man starts with the Bible, has a +40% duration and projectile speed, but a -40% movement speed. If you’re having trouble with getting money, try using the Gorgeous Moon item to gain levels in the late game, and focus on a run where you just grind money.

Krochi Freetto

You must defeat 100,000 enemies in total. He begins with the cross, and the ability to revive once (twice at level 33). In addition, Krochi has a +30% movement speed bonus.

Christine Davain

You must get Pentagram to level 7. Christine begins with the Pentagram and 1 additional level, which immediately gives you an extra item. Christine has a -50 Health penalty, a +30% move speed bonus, a -35% Might penalty, and a -25% Cooldown penalty.

All Characters Vampire Survivors Second Half

Pugnala Provola

Pugnala’s coffin lies in the Mad Forest. To find a Coffin, we recommend first getting the Milky Way Map in the southern part of the Dairy Plant. You may then stand on the coffin and clear enemies until a short cutscene plays.

Pugnala begins with the pistols Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow. She also has a +20% move speed bonus. Every level, she gains +1% might.

Giovanna Grana

Giovanna’s coffin lies in the Inlaid Library. She begins with the Gatti Amari weapon, gains +1% projectile speed per level, and has a +20% movement speed bonus.

Poppea Pecorina

Poppea’s coffin lies in the Dairy Plant. She begins with the Song of Mana, gains +1% Duration per level, and has a +20% movement speed bonus.


Concetta’s coffin lies in the Gallo Tower. She begins with the Shadow Pinion, gains +1% Area per level, and starts with +20% Move speed and +10% Curse.


You must defeat 3000 Skeletons, most commonly found in the Forest and Dairy levels. Alternatively, you can enter “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, escape, enter” to unlock him and some money. He gains an extra projectile every 20 levels. He begins with the Bone, a weak starting weapon that becomes very strong.


You must defeat 3000 Lion Heads, typically found in the Inlaid Library. It gains an extra projectile every 20 levels. It begins with the Cherry Bomb, a strange weapon with a chance to explode for good damage.

Bianca Ramba

You must defeat 3000 Milk Elementals, typically found in the Dairy Plant. She gains an extra projectile every 20 levels. She begins with the Carréllo, a strictly horizontal weapon that gains size and speed.

O’Sole Meeo

You must defeat 3000 Dragon Shrimps, typically found in the Gallo Tower. It gains an extra projectile every 20 levels. It begins with the Celestial Dusting, a weapon which fires based on how you move.

Vampire Survivors New Characters Patch 9.0

Sir Ambrojoe

You must kill a total of 6,000 Stage Killers, an enemy from Cappella Magna. He begins with La Robba, an item that causes furniture to fall from the sky. That weapon never evolves. Like many other characters in his unlock-type, he gains an extra projectile every 20 levels, up to +3.

Iguana Gallo Valletto

Once you first get the Infinite Corridor, you will unlock this character. They begin with the Clock Lancet and an additional level. They also have additional rerolls and skips, but only gain 50% of the money during a run. Finally, they level up quickly, gaining more growth every 10 levels.

Divano Thelma

You must get the Crimson Shroud to unlock this character. They begin with the Laurel and an extra level. They gain extra armor and have 6 bonus banishes, but suffer from a 50% greed reduction.

Zi’Assunta Belpaese

You must find and open her coffin in Cappella Magna. She begins with the Vento Sacro. She gains a very small amount of Might, projectile speed, Duration, and Area per level. Finally, she begins with bonus movespeed and a tiny bit of Curse.


You must survive in the Boss Rush mode for 15 minutes with only a single weapon to unlock this three-headed fella. He begins with the Bracelet, has a ton of bonus health, might, and revivals. That’s because, every level, you gain 1% Curse. Be careful!

All Secret Characters

All Secret Characters Vampire Survivors

The following characters are strictly extra. They do not have any related achievements and are not required for progression.


To unlock Exdash, type “x-x1viiq” on your keyboard. You will also have a very small chance to unlock them whenever you get a Clover. This character automatically unlocks. This character begins with penalties to all stats except +10% Cooldown and +100% Luck.


This character can be earned by defeating the Green or Blue ghost after unlocking Exdash. When the enemy is defeated, press the “down” key and Enter. This can be done with Gorgeous Moon or with the Cross pickup.

Toastie begins with a massive, -99 Health and penalties to all stats except Movement Speed, Cooldown, and Luck. Toastie gains additional luck every level. At level 100, Toastie gains 10,000 health. At level 200, Toastie gains nearly infinite armor.


Unlocks by defeating him at the very bottom of Gallo Tower. It takes many tiles to get there, and will require a character with good movemetn speed. Begins with the Holy Wand upgraded weapon, +5 Armor, +100% might, but -20% movement speed.

Red Death

Unlocks when you kill Death. Begins with the Death Spiral upgraded weapon, 100% movement speed, 255 Max Health, and +20% might.

Vampire Survivors New Secret Characters

Smith IV

Type ‘spam’ on the title screen. Then, type ‘spam’ on Character Select and Stage Select. Finally, once you start a run, type ‘humbug.’ If you did it fast enough, you’ll unlock Smith for free. He begins with the Vandalier and terrible stats, except for Luck.

Boon Marrabbio

To unlock Boon Marrabbio, you must:

  • Collect 100 Floor Chickens during your career.
  • Obtain the Yellow Sign during the Lunar Eclipse event.
  • Collect or destroy the Pummarola and Skull O’Maniac from the Mad Forest.
  • Follow the pies towards the left side of the map. Fight a shadowy enemy to unlock this fellow.

Boon Marrabio begins with impressive stats, but -80% greed and -110% projectile Speed. He begins with the Thousand Edge, and thank goodness he does. He can catch the knives he throws!

Minnah Mannarah

Once you collect the Yellow Sign, cheese spawns during Dairy Plant runs. Use Mad Groove (VIII) to find it quickly. Then, defeat the 7 high-level werewolves. Once you slay them all, you’ll unlock her. She has randomized stats every minute. She begins with the Bloody Tear.


This literal tree is unlocked by entering Il Moise as O’Sole. Use the Celestial Dusting to heal the nearby trees. We suggest using Limit Break and the Mindbreaker to limit your weapons to 1. This’ll minimize the amount of time it takes to heal for 100,000 health on this stage by healing the trees with the Celestial Dusting. You’ll hear a jingle when you get this guy. This tree starts with +20 maximum health, 2 armor, a temporarily reduced area, and magnet… He also can’t move unless you have Movement upgrades.

Gains Boros

To unlock Gains Boros, head to the Bone Zone and keep going north until you’re past the Silver Ring. Stay in the healing ring for ten seconds. If you hear a jingle, then you’ve got him! This bone dragon begins with the Heaven Sword and gains +2% growth every time he levels up.