Vampire Survivors Pentagram | How to Evolve

Evolving weapons is a gigantic part of Vampire SurvivorsBeing able to consistently make your weapons extra strong is required to win most runs. And some weapons aren’t really worth using until they’re evolved! The Pentagram is a weird weapon in Vampire Survivors, able to clear the screen but with a high chance of destroying items. Is evolving the pentagram weapon possible in Vampire Survivors? And, another question: Is it even worth doing? We’ll tell you!

How to Evolve a Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

How to Evolve a Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

You can evolve the Pentagram into the Gorgeous Moon by getting the Crown utility item. If you level the weapon up to level 8 and then grab a chest, you will most likely evolve your weapon. The Gorgeous Moon destroys all enemies on screen, will never destroy items, and gives you bonus experience. If you’re willing to use the Pentagram early on, this can be a very strong weapon!

The Gorgeous Moon is a reasonably powerful option, like most weapons are. It pulses, destroying the closest monster to you. Then, it’ll destroy all monsters on the screen. It’ll drop different colored gems than standard XP, but are worth about the same as normal, blue crystals. Then, it’ll bring in all XP to you, like the Blue Orbs you can find on stages.

The Gorgeous Moon is a fantastic build option if you’re struggling to get characters to level 99 or 100. Since this is the requirement for some upgrades, rushing Gorgeous Moon can work in these cases.

However, there’s a problem: The Pentagram is a rough weapon to work with. It can kill mini-bosses and destroy chests, lower the amount of XP you get, and be annoying to rely on. Try to get a few weapons and maybe an Evolved Weapon before getting the Pentagram.

In general, this weapon is fine. Great for XP runs, but it actually does pretty low DPS due to its very long cooldown. If you can get high Cooldown Reduction, such as from Christine or Empty Tomes, then this evolved weapon can be powerful. Otherwise, don’t worry about rushing to get it!