Vampire Survivors Toastie | How to Unlock

The ghost enemy sprites in Vampire Survivors are here to have a good time. That’s because their stats are some of the wackiest stuff that Vampire Survivors has to offer. The hidden character Toastie has the hardest Vampire Survivors in the game. However, doing a run with him will quickly reveal how invincible he truly is. If you want to play this very silly character, we can help you out!

How to Unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Toastie Exdash

In order to unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors, you must first unlock his blue brother Exdash. This requires the player to quickly type the code “x-x1viiq” while on the main menu. Then, once he’s unlocked, you can use any character on a stage with a Stalker, Drowner, or Trickster (the Green, Blue, and Purple Deaths). When you kill any of these enemy types with the Pentagram or Rosary Necklace, you must quickly mash the Down Arrow Key and Enter.

Exdash is an easy unlock. Type “x-x1viiq” on the main menu fast enough and you’ll get it. You can check to see if you’ve unlocked him by checking the Character menu. If you see a ghost with Ebony Wings, he’s yours!

Toastie After Exdash

Toastie is more annoying. He shows up on the screen for a short time when you kill a death that can be killed by Insta-Kill effects. The most common place to encounter these are on Stage 4 or Stage 5.

The Drowner is a very slow death that you can track, and consistently spawns near the 25 minute mark on Gallo Tower and the 5 minute mark on Cappella Magna. Either get the Gorgeous Moon item or stay near a Rosary when you see the Drowner coming close. Then, you can time your Up + Enter presses for when Death is about to die to your Gorgeous Moon or Rosary. Hopefully, your build is good enough that you can survive while you mash. As long as you hit the buttons while Toastie is on screen, you’re set!

Toastie starts at 1 HP and stays at very low health until level 100, where he can only be realistically killed by Red Death at the end of the map. At level 200, he becomes invincible to Red Death as well. A fun challenge character, though difficult to use in the best circumstances.