Video Game Fables Review | A Self-Aware RPG Spoof

Role playing games are so numerous they may comprise a majority of all the games currently available. You’re got your turn-based party RPG and the in-depth detailed epic RPG, but both share many of the same elements. One of these elements is how seriously they take things; how much they try to raise the stakes so you can feel like a true hero. That’s why it’s refreshing whenever developers like Momiji Studios come along to create titles like Video Game Fables. Dive into this colorful RPG and see just how many things you can recognize from other titles.

What Is The Fable?

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The average RPG has a huge story involving chosen heroes being summoned to defeat a great evil. Usually, it’s one that threatens to destroy the world. Video Game Fables knows this and puts it in their story but with a certain twist. You play as the assigned princess in a new gaming cycle following a pause and reset. After some typical villain-kidnapping hijinks, the princess from the previous game cycle appears with her hero to cause chaos and destruction. Now it’s up to the princess, a spunky fantasy nerd, and the other villain’s kid to save the day. With a combination such as this, everything serious is off the table which works just fine.

Memorable Fables

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When people pass down stories to each, the most well-told are the ones that continue to make their way down generations. Video Game Fables could pass on some good stories of its own through its gameplay. One such story involves its overall tone. The game pokes fun at the whole RPG genre and at itself but not in a mean or obnoxious way. The humor is subtle but apparent with a few exaggerated aspects thrown in. For example, the idea of a throne coming to life in order to assume the throne is something you don’t see everyday.

Then it’s how it uses RPG mechanics. While it has the classics of turn-based combat, equipping items, and leveling up, it presents them in interesting ways. This includes the Level Up system where you earn EXP by fighting enemies, but you share it amongst the whole party. It also acts as a currency to put towards raising stats, equipping gear, and unlocking skill slots. Since EXP is a pool, you can raise or lower it as you like to get what you want. This adds a degree of strategy in determining how you want to build your party.

Lastly, as cartoon-ish and humorous as this game is, it’s by no means a cake-walk. There are plenty of teleports to let you fast travel between key areas and the hub town, but you’ll need them. Enemies can prove to be quite powerful and will catch you off guard if you’re not careful. Boss fights can also be quite the ordeal as silly as the bosses themselves may be.

Forgettable Fables

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Sometimes it’s easy to tell when a person is making up a story on the spot and those don’t always go over well for being thoughtless and haphazard. Video Game Fables has rushed a few of its own stories in the gameplay. This is evident in how it handles grinding. It’s expected that you’ll need to fight lots of enemies to get stronger, but you also need them for materials. New skills can only be unlocked if you have the right ingredients and enough gold. However, the RNG for loot drops can be so against you that you’ll find yourself roaming a patch of land forever just to get a monster tooth.

The other main issue is a lack of variety. You’ll only get three party members throughout the whole adventure and while you’ll grow to like them, it still makes you wish you had others to meet and deploy. Then there are the skills that make them unique of which they will each only have six. They can be modded to change the effects but you’ll likely end up using a pool of the one you enjoy the most thus eliminating the need for unlocking skills. Considering that the turn-based combat is still on the slower side, there will be a fair amount of repetition.

Another Game Story

Video Game Fables is a turn-based RPG with elements of the classics and putting new spin on them. It’s a humorous experience with an interesting strategic leveling system, and a decent degree of challenge. It could use some more variety in characters and abilities while making the RNG a bit more balanced. Either way, if you’re looking for a fun and quirky challenge, then sit down and listen to some video game fables.

This review is based on a download code provided by the developer. Video Game Fables is available now for PC via Steam.