VM2 Is A Crowdfunded Next-Generation Dreamcast VMU

Despite financial failure, Sega found a loyal audience with the Dreamcast. And now, over 20 years after it first launched, the iconic console will be getting an updated peripheral. Older players may recall the VMU, a memory-card-turned-portable-console that slotted into the Dreamcast controller. It was always a bit of a novelty, especially because of its underwhelming performance. However, a few dedicated fans have decided to revamp the VMU with an all-new iteration. Called the VM2, the project is being crowdfunded through Indiegogo.

VM2 – The Dream VMU Memory Card

Sega launched the Dreamcast in 1998. Among all the different assets that the consolecame with, its Visual Memory Unit (VMU) memory card was the most interesting. Until that point, memory cards were essentially the clunkier prototypes of USBs. But VMUs were different. They actually displayed information while you played the game, and you could interact with their numerous features separate from the console.

However, it had its flaws. Mobile technology of the time was very limited — very much unlike the current world. That’s why a group of dedicated fans are creating a new one. The next-gen VMU memory card, called the VM2, is on the way thanks to a huge crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

Of the consoles at the time, the Dreamcast got a reputation for being slick and HD. It hosted a number of titles that were not only large in scale but impressive visually such as Sonic Adventure. Though the Dreamcast never received a successor, it has continued to thrive amongst the gaming community through a cult-following status. With the VM2 being funded, the console will get a real shot in the arm. Not only will this new card have more storage, longer battery life, and a Micro-USB connection, it will also allow players to stream directly to their PCs.

The Dreamcast keeps living the dream through the love and support of dedicated players. This is most evident in how many came together to bring the new VMU memory card, the VM2, to life. Here’s to hoping the VMU’s successor sees the success it deserves.