Warlander Crossplay | Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Whether you’re a Warrior, Mage, or Cleric on the battlefield, there’s no shortage of disorder in Warlander. The new MOBA RPG from PLAION and Toylogic Inc. introduces a large-scale presentation of action where up to 100 players can engage in combat. Each side is in charge of defending their base while attempting to take down their rivals’ forts, all while swords, shields, and spells spill onto the field. Players can experience a different layer of action as they continuously participate in multiple ways, always on the cusp of shifting the tides. Since Warlander is now available on PC via Steam with next-gen releases to soon follow, can players expect the new online title to feature crossplay functionality?

Is There Crossplay Support in Warlander?

Is There Crossplay Support in Warlander?

Warlander will begin crossplay support in April 2023. Even though the title is available now on PC with next-gen additions to come, the online experience currently has its limitations. It appears that only Steam is hosting Warlander. Epic Games Store and GOG are not included in the delivery package.

According to the official Warlander Discord server, ninth-generation consoles will receive their versions of the game in April 2023. This particular month seems to be angled at an update period, with the aforementioned multiplayer component soon coming into the picture. Additionally, it gives the developers time to work on any gameplay adjustments and fixes.

Of course, development routes can always shift around, thanks to the Player Support page. Here, warriors of all classes can report any suspicious and/or game-breaking bugs to the developers. An FAQ link is also on the same page. The ideal approach, however, is to head over to the Discord server to receive live updates on Warlander. It’s also a good way to link up with fellow fighters who are looking to assemble a trustworthy army.

The link is accessible through the Warlander Steam page. Be sure to check out the “WARLAND” section in the server for further game discussion and support.