Warzone Finally Includes A Zombie Mode… Sort Of

If there’s one thing that may prove harder to kill than zombies, it’s battle royales. Call Of Duty: Warzone now covers both. As the online competitive game enters a fourth season, it allows players to take on the role of either soldiers or zombies. Though Call Of Duty games have had recurring relationships with zombies in the past, this addition to Warzone is a limited-time experience. With a twist to the gameplay in an unfamiliar environment, the battlefield is looking to get even more chaotic during this season of battle royale and zombie-slaying.

The Warzone Zombie Mode

In the grand scheme of things, Call Of Duty: Warzone isn’t as old as the battle royale genre. Though the series has had years of online competition, it’s never been on this scale. Throwing zombies into the mix could prove to be very interesting.

The new season kicked off and has recently been altered by the Season Four Reloaded Update. This allows players to participate in huge matches between soldiers and zombies on a map called Rebirth Island. However, this mode will be restricted to a maximum of 40 players playing on teams.

You could argue that everyone has heard of Call Of Duty in some capacity, and the premise is pretty straight-forward. You play as a soldier fighting a world-threatening conflict with guns and explosions. Warzone is a free-for-all deathmatch where anyone that isn’t an ally is an enemy. In the new zombie mode, players will try to hunt each other down as usual. Except now there’s a twist: When you die, you turn into a zombie. Aside from being able to run fast and tear through opponents, you’ll also get access to various special abilities. If you kill enough players to collect four Zombie Syringes, you can use them to cure your infection.

Call Of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale with FPS mechanics and adding back in the tradition of adding in zombies. Take advantage while Rebirth Island is open for business, because this Warzone zombie mode will soon sink back into the ground.