Wasteland 3 Commander’s Armory | How to Access

Wasteland 3 lets you explore a crazy apocalypse world. However, it’s still an RPG. If you want loot, the game wants you to find vaults and carry out what you can. One of the more cryptic vaults in the game is the Commander’s Armory. If you want to access the armory, you’ll have to go through a bit of a process. Learn how to get there through this quick guide!

How to Access Commander’s Armory in Wasteland 3


To access the Commander’s Armory in Wasteland 3, you must first start the Ranger HQ quest. This requires you to progress until a slaver named La Perla appears and asks you about a slave. If you accept her proposal to look for the lost slave, you get a key card to a vault below Ranger HQ.

The moment you have it, you can access the Commander’s Armory. To do this, enter the first vault room and use the camera to find the wall. There should be a dialogue box that appears above the camera that lets you know you’ve found it.

Now, break a party member to head to the War Room. The main console will have an option to “Clear Access for Commander’s Armory.” Do it, and the Commander’s Armory will open, with a few items to boost your Nerd Stuff, among other pieces of gear. Not the best, not the worst, but it’s essentially free.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to help La Perla capture the young slave. If you help her, you can get more vault keys, but you only need the first vault open to access the Commander’s Armory. The other vault keys offer a ton of loot… but at the cost of reputation, and your own morality.

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