Watch Dogs: Legion New Game Plus | When Will It Be Added?

Watch Dogs: Legion is slowly but steadily approaching its first year anniversary. The game is generally loved and has a ton of content and things to do, including a unique mechanic for its main character. This makes Legion stand out but doesn’t keep our attention for long. What Watch Dogs: Legion needs is a New Game Plus, a mode promised to us by a tweet in earlier this January. With Ubisoft constantly shifting the goal posts, do we even know if the second story mode will ever come to Watch Dogs: Legion? Or will additional missions have to hold us over?

When is New Game Plus Coming to Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion New Game Plus

Despite updating the launch map multiple times, Ubisoft has not confirmed a release date for Watch Dogs: Legion‘s New Game Plus mode. Developers also have not officially killed off the mode, they just haven’t announced when it’ll be added to the game. This means that it is highly likely that New Game Plus is either low priority or completely removed from future plans.

That shouldn’t completely kill off hope or hype for the new mode though; playing through the story with all of your upgrades shouldn’t be too hard to create and is pretty standard in the industry. The NG+ wasn’t on any official roadmap when the game was initially announced, but could easily come as a mini-update alongside other story changes. Or, it might be included with Aiden Pierce and the other playable characters as a bonus package.

New Game Plus is often a post-launch addition to a game. It’s rare that it takes many resources to put in, either! So, we might be able to expect the New Game Plus mode as an addition to the Bloodline story expansion coming soon. Alternatively, it may be part of the “New Missions” category in August.

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