Watch Dogs: Legion Redeem Code | How to Enter Pre-Order Code

The popularity of Watch Dogs: Legion made it a shoo-in to pre-order. If you pre-purchased the game, you actually get some extra loot. Cool, right? Well, in order to do so, you’ll need to redeem your code. For many, this was a frustrating process that could have been automated just fine. However, it’s really not that big of a deal, just follow these steps if you want to redeem a code.

How to Redeem Codes in Watch Dogs: Legion

For English speakers, head to the Watch Dogs: Legion redeem website to redeem a code. You’ll need to have already made a Ubisoft account (which you needed for Uplay anyway!). Then, follow the orders on the website to get your pre-order update. This is the same place you’ll go to if you get any other codes, so bookmark it if you think you’ll love the game!

When you’re putting in the code, make sure that your account is correct. If you have multiple Ubisoft accounts, it would make sense to avoid any confusion by giving the code to the wrong account! Then, make sure you have the correct platform selected when you enter the code. These codes are different for each platform, so if you got rejected, it might be because you accidentally had the wrong platform selected.

So, make sure you have your account (and the correct account) made before you purchase the game. Then, make sure that that account has the correct platform on the code confirmation website. Otherwise, you’ll have to wrestle with customer service. And while Ubisoft’s customer service is fine, it’s better to just be careful in the first place! Now you can redeem your Gold King Pack!

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