What to Expect at Summer Game Fest 2023

Summer is about to start and what better way to kick things off than celebrating a bunch of reasons to stay inside? That’s right, Summer Game Fest 2023 is right around the corner with a huge round of showcases to showcase. Many names are on the list from the bigger AAA studios to the indie groups making a splash. The games announced will span across all platforms so no one will be left out of the fun. Make sure you’ve got some time to spare and a comfortable place to sit because there are a lot of announcements to get through in Summer Game Fest 2023.

Summer Game Fest 2023 Showcases

The Summer Game Fest is a way for all sorts of teams to share what they’ve been working on and hype them up for release. According to the official schedule, the event officially kicked off on June 7 with Guerilla Collective starting things off with their selection of indie titles. According to various outlets, the event continues tonight (June 8) at 12 PM PT with the SGF 2023 opening up next. The Summer Game Fest 2023 will continue until June 12, with an average of two to three showcases a day. All with be available to watch on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, and even Steam.

Many came to play at Summer Game Fest 2023, and there’s still more to come. Providing mainly indie coverage you’ve got the aforementioned Guerilla Collective, Day of the Devs, Devolver Direct, Wholesome Direct 2023, and more. For some of the bigger titles, there’s the Capcom Showcase, Ubisoft Forward, Xbox Games Showcase (+ Starfield Direct), and the PC Gaming Show. There are also some more specific entries such Access-Ability Summer Showcase and the Tribeca Games Showcase. Each one can last between one and two hours, so mind your schedule.

Thanks to Guerilla Collective, we already have an idea of the quality of titles we can expect from the rest of the showcases. It’s going to be a long Summer Game Fest 2023 from now until the afternoon of June 12, but with everything that’s on the schedule and all the different platforms to watch it, you’re bound to catch something.