Where to Catch Catfish in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is home to a wide variety of fish that come and go like the seasons of the year pass on by. That happens to literally be the case for the uncommon catfish that appears during certain periods in the game. It starts to get hectic when keeping up with all the events and patterns that the fish rely on. Thankfully, the catfish are located at a few spots that shouldn’t give you too much trouble to get to. Here’s our quick guide to help you catch catfish in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley | Where to Catch Catfish

Stardew Valley - Where to Catch Catfish

Your farmer can catch some catfish in the river by Pelican Town and Cinderesap Forest, within the Secret Woods, and the underground Witch’s Swamp. Keep in mind that you can only find catfish during rainy weather when it’s the Spring and Fall seasons. These are more of the guaranteed spots if you’re looking to get some serious fishing done. If it’s the Summer season, the catfish will pop up in the Secret Woods and the Witch’s Swamp when it’s raining, too. And this is all for the morning time as well; from 6 AM to 12 AM, players will be able to catch as much catfish as they want until they’re ready to swim away for the day.

Additionally, if you find yourself by the Riverlands Farm or the Hill-top Farm during the rainy Spring and Fall seasons, you might be able to catch some catfish with the right bait and skill. This special guy has a difficulty setting of 75, so you might want to work on your fishing ability before you start wrestling with the catfish. But once you do obtain them, you’ll be getting a decent amount of potential funds if you’re looking to make some extra money.

For small chance encounters, if you happen to come across a Garbage Can during Spring and Fall, you just might scoop up a catfish. They’re usually right by the various eight distinctive buildings in Pelican Town. If you’re feeling lucky on a particular day, you can dig through some trash for a random valuable item. The catfish is an uncommon kind among the other sea grub that you can obtain.

However, you might want to be stealthy when fumbling through Garbage Cans. If any villager catches you bumming about, you’ll lose 25 friendship points with them. The exception is Linus, who’s the more colorful character of the crowd — and he has a rather big level of distrust toward the other villagers. It’s probably best to either consume or sell the catfish for your best interests.

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