Where to Find and Farm Diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The world of Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a vast and expansive world that stretches from the ground to rocks floating way up high in the sky. As a result, there is a multitude of secrets, mysteries, and of course, treasures to uncover. Still, there is one resource that Link, like the rest of us, craves: diamonds. So, if you’re wondering where to find and, more importantly, how to farm diamonds in order to stack up your rupees, keep reading to find out.

Where to Find Diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Where oh where could these diamonds be hiding?

There are a few ways to find and acquire diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The first and most accessible option is to purchase diamonds from vendors, such as the Goron shop in Goron City. However, merchants who sell this rare mineral are few and far between. Furthermore, if you’re in need of these diamonds so you can then sell them for rupees, buying them defeats that purpose.

That’s why, if you’re searching for diamonds with the hopes of selling them to make a profit, you’ll have to resort to other methods of acquiring diamonds. You can also get diamonds from chests, shrines, and by mining them from ore deposits found in caves across Hyrule. The only disadvantage is that because you are relying on lady luck, this is not a very consistent way to acquire diamonds. Nonetheless, we’ll show you the best ways to farm diamonds using these methods, as these are your best bet for obtaining as much of the precious resource as possible.

How to Farm Diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Farm Diamonds
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You can farm diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom by mining ore deposits found in the various caves across Hyrule. If you go this route, look for mineral deposits with yellow sparkles around them, as these are the deposits that drop higher-value materials like diamonds. The only issue is that they also drop other high-tier resources such as rubies, sapphires, and topaz, so it’s not a guaranteed chance you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Despite diamonds mainly being a random resource that requires a big stroke of luck to randomly stumble across while you’re out exploring Hyrule, players have been clueing in on the chest, shrines, and bosses of Hyrule that have a guaranteed chance of dropping a diamond.

Farming Diamonds From Chests and Shrines

Diamonds from Chests and Shrines
There’s more than meets the eye with these Shrines.

It does require a stroke of luck to farm diamonds from the chests and shrines around Hyrule. That being said, we do know of one chest and a handful of shrine locations that grant you diamonds. So, you can start your diamond farming journey by looting these chests and shrines at their various locations.


  • Beneath Hyrule Castle in the Observation Room (-0253, 0762, 0087).


  • Maoikes Shrine, Lanayru Wetlands (2277, 0150, 0079).
  • Sihajog Shrine, Lanayru Great Spring Sky (4544, -0845, 1121).
  • Yomizuk Shrine, Lanayru Great Spring (4412, -0610, 0334).
  • Jochi-ihiga Shrine, Akkala Highlands (3811, 1218, 0090).
  • Mayaotaki Shrine, Hebra Mountains (-0956, 3535, 0234).

Farming Diamonds from Stone Talus

farm diamonds
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The last way you can farm diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom is from the Talus mini-bosses. If you’ve ever defeated one of these rock-like beasts before, you’ll know that when you defeat them, they explode into a pile of gems. They occasionally, but not always, drop diamonds as part of these gems, regardless of the type of Talus. As a result, you can farm diamonds by taking down these enemies, though like the ore deposits, isn’t all that reliable.

All in all, there is no surefire way to reliably farm diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, you can use the methods and tricks to farm diamonds that we’ve mentioned above to net yourself a fair share of them.

Where Do You Find Cece and Reed in Tears of the Kingdom?

You can find Cece and Reed located in Hateno Village. Once you meet either of them, you can kick off their mayoral questline, which is a juicy one, to say the least.

How Do You Take Selfies in Tears of the Kingdom?

You need the camera Purah Pad feature from Robbie in order to take selfies. Once you have it, you can take a selfie of Link by opening the Camera feature and selecting the button labeled “Self-Portrait”.

What Are The Rarest Resources in Tear of the Kingdom?

Rare ore deposits (those with a yellow sparkle) drop the rarest resources in the game. Diamond, Sapphire, Amber, Ruby, Topaz, and Flint are among the rarest resources dropped from these ore deposits.