Wild Hearts Bladed Wagasa | Weapon Guide

Of the eight weapons available in Wild Hearts, few are as inventive as the Bladed Wagasa. These Wagasas retains the beauty of their real-world counterparts but add an edge — literally. The Bladed Wagasa is a fast and agile weapon capable of unleashing a flurry of attacks. More importantly, its parry mechanic allows you to deflect damage. But there are major downsides to this flashy weapon if you don’t properly understand its mechanics. If you need some extra help, read on below to find out how to use the Bladed Wagasa properly.

How to Use the Bladed Wagasa in Wild Hearts

How to Use the Bladed Wagasa in Wild Hearts

The Bladed Wagasa is by far the most unique weapon in all of Wild Hearts. It’s also unfortunately one of the weakest, which is why it isn’t a great one to start out with. This weapon just isn’t capable of high-damage output. But don’t let that deter you from using it. You won’t be unleashing powerful attacks, but the speed of the Bladed Wagasa still allows you to hold your own against kemono.

Comboing with the Attack 1 button (A1) will initiate a Spindance that slices and dices. Pressing Attack 2 (A2) will stab the weapon straight ahead and automatically end in a hop backwards that leaves you floating momentarily. In the air, you can press A2 again to combo into a Plunging Comet. This will cause you to plunge the weapon downward and perform a wide ranged slice.

In terms of unique mechanics, the Bladed Wagasa revolves entirely around its ability to parry attacks. The best offense is a good defense, and being able to parry allows you to become a relentless attacker. Attacking right after a successful parry will allow you to perform even more combos. However, the timing window for the parry has to be exact for this to happen. Successful parries and continuous attacks will fill up a Spindance gauge. When full, the Bladed Wagasa will be even stronger and capable of landing more hits. The downside to this is that the gauge will constantly deplete.

Using the Bladed Wagasa to its full capabilities means becoming more aggressive than with any other weapon in the game. Ultimately, it won’t have the raw damage capabilities of something like the Maul, nor will it be as easy to grasp as the Karakuri Katana. The lower damage output and higher skill ceiling aren’t enough to stop the Bladed Wasaga from being useful, so it’s still a weapon worth pursuing if its mechanics interest you. Just be warned that fights against tougher kemono like the Lavaback will be more difficult if you main this weapon.