Wild Hearts Bow | Weapon Guide

The Bow will be the only ranged weapon you have access to at the beginning of Wild Hearts. While it might seem like a more technical weapon than something like the Karakuri Katana, the Bow is deceptively simple. It excels at providing fluid movements and maneuverability. This is a weapon that is both fun to play and makes tough fights a lot easier if you understand its mechanics. If you need help, read on to find out how to use the Bow in Wild Hearts.

How to Use the Bow in Wild Hearts

How to Use the Bow in Wild Hearts

In terms of unique mechanics, the Bow features two different stances. These stances completely alter the type of arrows you’ll fire. You’ll always unsheathe your bow in a vertical position to fire Otoya arrows. Always make it a priority to press the Attack 1 button to switch your bow into a horizontal position to fire Haya arrows first. Haya arrows shoot in bursts of three and have a decent, shotgun-like spread. Your Haya will temporarily embed into a kemono.

Once the Haya arrows are placed, you then need to switch positions and charge an Otoya arrow. Along with its initial damage, this charged shot will resonate with the Haya arrows and cause them to explode. You can also bolster your bow by pressing Attack 2 to increase your arrow power by up to two levels. This results in Haya arrows being fired at a rapid pace and Otoya arrows having more power. If you charge a shot while pressing Attack 2 twice, you’ll increase the bolster level. This allows you to shoot a volley of Haya arrows or a devastating Otoya arrow.

It’s this mixture of firing Haya arrows and detonating them with Otoya arrows that makes up the main playstyle of the Bow. To assist with its long range style of play, the Bow provides excellent movement options compared to slower weapons and pairs well with basic karakuri. Leaping off crates or flying above a kemono with a glider results in powerful shots straight out of an action movie. On top of being a great choice for solo players, the Bow compliments other weapons wonderfully in multiplayer.