Wild Hearts Chain Trap | How to Use

You’ve accepted the honorable challenge of hunting monsters by venturing into Wild Hearts. Although that concept may sound appealing at first, you may reconsider after witnessing just how colossal the Kemono you’re tasked with battling really are. Nonetheless, if you are still persistent, it will require nothing but your very best effort and every Fusion Karakuri at your disposal to get the job done. So, read on to learn everything there is to know about the Chain Trap, one of the most sought-after Fusion Karakuri for taking on Kemonos.

How to Use Chain Trap in Wild Hearts

How to Use Chain Trap in Wild Hearts

The Chain Trap in Wild Hearts is an immobilizing Fusion Karakuri that ensnares any Kemono you use it on for a short period of time. Essentially it restrains the monster and grants you a window to get some hits in and potentially take it down. You unlock it during the Deathstalker fight and it’s highly effective. As a result, you’ll want to know how to use it.

To use the Chain Trap, you’ll need to equip the Stake and Crate Karakuri. Then, do two stacks of Stake, Stake, and Crate, next to each other. Or, at the same time, just do this combination: Stake, Stake, Crate, Stake, Stake, Crate, to activate it. Then, when the Kemono runs into the Chain Trap, press the prompt to trap the monster. Once it’s trapped, you’ll have a brief window to get in as much damage on it as possible.

It is worth noting that while the Chain Trap is highly effective, Kemono can learn how to break free if you overuse it. So, make sure you use this Fusion Karakuri sparingly and when you need it most. The last thing you want is to have no tricks up your sleeve when fighting a Kemono.

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