Wild Hearts Coral Shell | How to Get

The world of Azuma in Wild Hearts is a magical place, full of vast landscapes that are teeming with dangerous Kemonos for you to take on. However, not all of the game’s creatures are out to get you. In fact, you’ll have to be kind to and befriend some of them if you want to earn the items they drop. This is especially true if you’re looking for Coral Shell. That may sound a little confusing right now, so keep reading to learn exactly how to obtain this item.

How to Get Coral Shell in Wild Hearts

How to Get Coral Shell in Wild Hearts

To get Coralcoat Shell in Wild Hearts, you have to travel to the Seashore Camp in Natsukodachi Isle and pet a Coralcoat Turtle. That’s because these turtles have a 100% chance of dropping a Coral Shell when you pet them. So, it does pay to be friendly to some Kemonos after all. Furthermore, if you attack a Coral Coat Turtle it won’t drop a Coral Shell, but rather Sliced Meat. So all in all, be nice and pet these adorable turtles.

A couple of aspects to note is that you don’t unlock Natsukodachi Isle until Chapter 2. Once unlocked you’ll have to explore the region to come across the Seashore Camp. But to lead you in the right direction, it’s located along the coast of the southernmost part of the Natsukodachi Isle. Start exploring the southern coast in this region and you should stumble across the camp and its Coralcoat Turtles in no time.

Once you’ve found Seashore Camp, you can check your map or simply go searching for the Coralcoat Turtles which rest on its coast, as they’re quite easy to find. They are, however, not all that easy to pet. To do so, you’ll have to stealthily sneak up behind them and wait for the prompt to pop up. Once you pet the Coralcoat Turtle it will drop a Coral Shell that’s yours for the taking.

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