Wild Hearts Corestone | Where to Find

It takes more to create new gear in Wild Hearts than just parts found from the game’s fearsome kemonos. Foraging throughout the world of Azuma is equally as important as slaying monsters. You won’t be able to craft a bulk of the game’s beginning weapons without a material known as corestone. In fact, you’ll need a fairly large supply if you plan on experimenting with different weapons like the Hand Cannon. Corestone is extremely valuable and having extra on hand will be beneficial. If you need help locating this crafting material, read on below to find out where to find corestone in Wild Hearts.

Where to Find Corestone in Wild Hearts

Where to Find Corestone in Wild Hearts

There are plenty of places to find corestone, though one of the most reliable is the game’s starting location of Harugasumi Way. Other maps have corestone as well, but Harugasumi Way is by far the most convenient. A quick farming path to follow begins at the Crystal-Clear River location. You can actually set up a fast travel point here if you’ve cleared nearby Dragon Pits.

Once you’re arrived at the Crystal-Clear River, you’ll want to head toward the northwest until you’re at the Brook Stepping Stones Dragon Pit. Follow the stream up the mountain and enter the cave system. Corestone will be a drop from gathering points that resembles glowing orange geodes jutting from the walls. There are quite a few scattered inside the caves and near the Brook Stepping Stones. Just be on the lookout while you explore, as kemono like the Sapscourge can often be found inside the caves. You don’t want to be caught unprepared while simply trying to forage.

Another surefire way to gain corestone is to place down the Tsukomo Ore Shrine if you’ve unlocked it. This Dragon Karakuri will allow your Tsukomo buddies to slowly gather ore like corestone for you while you’re off exploring or finishing quests. A Tsukomo Ore Shrine really comes in handy so make sure you unlock it in the Karakuri skill tree as soon as possible. You should also be collecting as many Tsukomo as you come across to increase your Karakuri Thread carrying capacity.