Wild Hearts Cross-Play | Is It Cross-Platform?

Fighting the monstrous kemono that plague the land of Azuma in Wild Hearts is a tough task. While it’s entirely possible to play alone, Wild Hearts is like other hunting games and isn’t simply just a single-player experience. The problem with a series like Monster Hunter is that multiplayer has been restricted solely to one platform. More and more games have been embracing cross-play multiplayer between different systems in recent years. You might be wondering if Wild Hearts has cross-platform multiplayer.

Does Wild Hearts Have Cross-Play?

Does Wild Hearts Have Cross-Play?

There is indeed cross-play multiplayer in Wild Hearts. Even better is that the cross-play isn’t just solely between the two consoles, which can sometimes be the case. PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PS5 can all join up together.

Hunting giant beasts is great fun alone but it’s made even more enjoyable when playing with friends. The barrier presented by platform-specific multiplayer has always been a huge hindrance to that enjoyment. Thankfully Wild Hearts is continuing the recent trend of uniting players regardless of their system.

Multiplayer can sometimes be downright essential for games like this. Even joining up with random strangers is beneficial, particularly if you need help with a tough quest. Having an extra hand is never a bad thing and just might be the solution to any difficulties with vanquishing a particular kemono.

Sometimes it’s simply better to fight in a group where there can be a lot of weapon variety and varying levels of experience between players. It adds fun as well as new strategy options.

However, it’s important to note that there’s a big difference in multiplayer between Wild Hearts and other hunting games besides cross-play.

Normally you’d have the option to team up with up to three other players. In Wild Hearts, this is instead reduced to two extra players.

You’ll have to be mindful of this if you’re used to hunting monsters with friends in a four-person party. Despite having to lose the option of a fourth-party member, the ability to play together without worrying about preferred systems is a huge benefit.

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