Wild Hearts Crustaceous Moss | How to Get

In a hunter’s journey to gather items and loot, you’ll occasionally run into occasional crafting materials that seemingly don’t exist. No matter what you destroy or gather, the crafting material doesn’t seem to show up or drop as expected. Wild Hearts is very similar to other monster hunting games like that! Crustaceous Moss is another one of those items that, no matter how many Large Kemono you take down, it’ll never drop. Let’s figure out where you have to go to farm this item, so you can farm it at will!

How to Get Crustaceous Moss in Wild Hearts

How to Get Crustaceous Moss in Wild Hearts

Crustaceous Moss is a Wild Hearts foraging material that drops from the Grassghoul Decapods. These creatures, found in Natsukodachi Isle, will drop the item on death and when pet. We recommend petting the little fellas, as that will guarantee a drop of the Crustaceous Moss, while killing them may cause them to drop a carapace instead.

These creatures spawn all over Natsukodachi Isle, but tend to prefer the small, damp caves that dot several locations of the map. That being said, we recommend that you Filter by Small Kemono on your Map. This will show exactly where the Grassghoul Decapods are on your map, since their spawn rates can be finicky. There’s a lot of land to explore, after all!

Petting a Small Kemono is a way to guarantee that you get their Foraging Material, rather than their carve. To pet one, simply move close to them while crouched and select the interact prompt that appears. To crouch, tap the “Dodge” button –  “C” on Keyboard and “B” on Xbox controllers – while not moving. Interact is “E” on keyboard and “Left Trigger” on controller by default! Most Small Kemono will drop their forage item when you pet them like this. Be sure to bring Healing Water and poison cures while you pet these dangerous crabs.

Crustaceous Moss is required for some specific early game armors and weapons in Wild Hearts, available once you start farming monsters on the Isle.