Wild Hearts Giant Kemono Petal | How to Get

Wild Hearts is one of the most fierce competitors to the Monster Hunter franchise, and has a lot of mechanics in common! An especially familiar feeling is desperately searching for a specific crafting material that only certain creatures drop. The Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts comes from seemingly nothing, since it doesn’t name a specific kemono. Thankfully, once you know how to farm this item, you’ll be in a pretty good spot. Let’s figure out what targets are likely to drop this strange material.

How to Get Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts

How to Get Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts

The primary kemono to hunt for the Giant Kemono Petal are Venomgliders and Ragetails. Venomgliders have the part listed in your journal, but can be a rather frustrating fight. Ragetails do not have the part listed, but several players have reported finding the item in a drop. Ragetails are significantly easier to farm, but tend to drop the item less.

If you are desperate for the Petal for any gear, then you can hard-farm the Ragetail. This kemono is a Chapter One enemy, so you are expected to fight them early and often. However, as a result, you will only rarely find the Giant Kemono Petal as a reward for slaying this beast.

If you need a consistent farm for the item, you’ll have to wait for the Chapter Three Venomgliders in Harugasumi Way and Akikure Canyon. These flying squirrels are vicious, and will easily knock you off-balance in fights. Thankfully, the petals are generic reward items, and do not require any particular part breaks to obtain. Simply defeating and looting the squirrel is all you need to do!

For farming Venomgliders, we recommend bringing Pummeling weapons and either Wood or Fire attribute weapons. Venomgliders deal Water damage, so armor that protects you from that attribute can keep you safe. In combat, use Karakuri near the Venomglider’s footholds to deal high damage when it lands, as well as dealing damage to the footholds. You’ll want to ground this beast as often as possible!