Wild Hearts | How to Carry More Karakuri Thread

What sets Wild Hearts apart from other monster hunting games is its Karakuri mechanic. Building Karakuri will allow you to do a variety of different things. From building bulwarks to changing your appearance, you’ll rely on Karakuri for pretty much everything. But you won’t be able to build as much as you want. Building will require you to spend a resource called Karakuri Thread and you’re very limited in how much you can have on hand. Luckily, you can increase your limit and carry more Karakuri Thread.

How to Carry More Karakuri Thread in Wild Hearts

How to Carry More Karakuri Thread in Wild Hearts

Increasing your supply of Karakuri Thread in Wild Hearts isn’t done through means of skill trees or story milestones. Instead, being able to carry more thread is dependent on finding Tsukumo, the cute little robots throughout Azuma.

These spherical companions are hidden in various nooks and crannies all over the game’s maps. The first Tsukumo you come across is impossible to miss and will act as your AI hunting companion, but others function more as collectibles.

Each Tsukumo you find will give you a resource called Old Cogs. You can spend your Old Cogs at any campfire to upgrade your Tsukumo, which has different forms to help out in battle.

The Attack Form will increase your Tsukumo’s attacks, while the Assist Form will give it abilities to help heal you. However, it’s the Threader Form that you’re going to need to invest in.  Continuously upgrading the Threader Form will allow you to carry more thread for your Karakuri. You’ll also be able to increase its recharge speed through upgrades.

Eventually, you can upgrade the Hunting Tower Dragon Karakuri to track down Tsukomo in addition to kemono. It’s important to increase your Karakuri Thread capacity as much as possible whenever you can.

Some kemono simply can’t be taken down unless certain Karakuri are used against them. Even when you team up with friends in multiplayer, carrying more Karakuri Thread is essential. This is especially true when you’re first starting out and are still getting used to the building mechanics, as you’re likely to accidentally place structures without meaning to.