Wild Hearts | How to Change Equipment During a Quest

Like any monster-hunting game, Wild Hearts has a huge variety of weapons and armor. From gigantic mauls that do pummeling damage to piercing shots from bows, Wild Hearts ensures that you’re spoiled for choice. But different combat situations call for different gear and you may want to change equipment during a quest. Luckily, you won’t have to lose all your progress mid-quest just to swap to a new gear loadout.

How to Change Equipment During a Quest in Wild Hearts

How to Change Equipment During a Quest in Wild Hearts

Changing your equipment mid-quest is easy, but it isn’t exactly straightforward. You’ll need a Field Forge, which don’t cost nearly as much elemental energy as a Hunter’s Tent, so it’s very likely you’ll be able to plop one down wherever you need. Interact with the Forge and then select the option to change your equipment.

You might naturally assume that the way to change equipment is by visiting a Hunter’s Tent. It seems logical that a tent would let you swap gear. However, that’s simply not the case.

There’s an added bonus to this, too. That’s because building a Forge will also allow you to create new weapons and armor or enhance your gear mid-quest. You aren’t restricted to using any of the Forge functions only while free roaming.

This is fantastic if you’re having difficulty with a particular kemono and can’t rely on help from other players.

There will be plenty of times when you’ll have to adjust your strategy on the fly. A Forge will let you switch to a more elemental-resistant armor set or a weapon that takes advantage of that kemono’s weaknesses.

Just make sure you’ve activated a local Dragon Pit and build a Forge in a place that’s safe from the kemono you’re hunting. While you’re changing your equipment, make sure to build a campfire and upgrade your Karakuri Thread capacity as well.