Wild Hearts Maul | Weapon Guide

There are a wide variety of weapons in Wild Hearts. Five of these will be available to you right at the start of the game, while three will be unlocked in Chapter 2. One of these starting weapons is the Maul, a huge hammer that dishes out incredible damage. But using the Maul isn’t as straightforward as a weapon like the Karakuri Katana. You’ll need to have true patience to grasp its moveset. If you’re struggling with this weapon, read on below to find out how to use the maul in Wild Hearts.

How to Use the Maul in Wild Hearts

How to Use the Maul in Wild Hearts

If you’re curious about using the Maul, the most important thing to remember is that this weapon is slow. It’s by far the “tankiest” option available in Wild Hearts. That lack of speed might seem like a big disadvantage, but the Maul more than makes up for it with the sheer power of its attacks. A good Maul user can make all the difference in multiplayer.

You can do a Pummel combo by pressing the Attack 1 button (A1) three times in a row and a Jumping Smash by pressing Attack 2 (A2). The Jumping Smash will move you forward a fair bit of distance, so it can double as a way to close the gap between a kemono. By holding the Special Attack button (SA), you’ll do a Power Smash and send basic karakuri like crates flying at kemono.

The true power of the Maul is unleashed by pressing SA after using either attack button. Your hunter will briefly flash orange and pressing SA will extend the Maul’s helve. This is where timing comes into play. You’ll unleash an Extended Smash Burst 1 by pressing A1, SA, A1, SA, A1. Doing the same with A2 will let you do an Extended Smash Burst 2. By using the combo of A1, SA, A2, you’ll perform an Extended Smash Burst 3.

Nailing your timing is absolutely critical for using the Maul. Forgetting to press SA right when your hunter flashes orange will result in the Maul’s helve failing to extend. All of the Maul’s combos are based around its extended helve, so make sure you practice. The worst thing you can do is to fight something like a Ragetail without knowing how to use the Maul properly.