Wild Hearts Nodachi | Weapon Guide

There are eight different weapon types in Wild Hearts. You’ll have access to five of those from the start, and gain access to the remaining three later in another chapter. One of the starting weapons is the Nodachi, a strong sword with fantastic reach. It’s a weapon that can make or break a battle, but its slower speed can be hard to deal with. If you’re struggling to wield this sword properly, read on to find out how to use the Nodachi in Wild Hearts.

How to Use the Nodachi in Wild Hearts

How to Use the Nodachi in Wild Hearts

The Nodachi functions very similarly to the Karakuri Katana. In fact, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to find a weapon that’s a bit more advanced without being too technical. The main draw of the Nodachi is the sheer amount of power it has as a bladed weapon and its high reach.

A quick combo of Attack 1 (A1) will perform a Downward Slash, which really showcase the reach of the Nodachi. Pressing Attack 2 (A2) while moving in any direction will perform a wide sweeping attack that’s perfect for attacking the legs of a kemono. The Nodachi’s unique mechanic comes in the form of its Iai Slash ability, which is very different than the Karakuri Katana’s. By holding down Special Attack (SA), you’ll adopt an Iai Slash stance and slowly fill a valor gauge. You can press either attack button in this stance to unleash powered up versions.

Where the Nodachi really shines is when the valor gauge is fully charged. Releasing SA once the gauge is full will result in a devastating vertical attack called a Bisection. It swings the Nodachi upwards before slamming it to the ground, dealing a huge amount of damage. The downside to this, of course, is that charging the valor gauge takes time. This makes it difficult in battles with nimble kemono like the Ragetail.

The Nodachi is an excellent middle ground between the less powerful Karakuri Katana and the even slower Maul. Its wide vertical reach is perfect for slicing off parts like tails, which will net you unique materials. You’ll need patience to master its slow speed but the payoff results in playing a weapon that’s truly deadly.