Wild Hearts Peculiar Cocoon | How to Get

As a monster hunting game, Wild Hearts has a very clear and direct gameplay loop. You fight tough monsters, create new gear from their materials, and then use that gear to fight even tougher monsters. Crafting is a key component to the game. However, there are some materials that can’t be found by monsters and instead must be foraged from the environment. One such example is Peculiar Cocoon. If you can’t find this material and need it for a quest or armor, read on below to find out how to get Peculiar Cocoon in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Peculiar Cocoon in Wild Hearts

How to Get Peculiar Cocoon in Wild Hearts

It’s easy to focus solely on slaying kemono in Wild Hearts. You are, after all, a hunter. But you’re going to need more than just monster parts if you want to powerful gear. Even early game, kemono can put up an incredibly hard fight, so you’ll need to make sure you’re constantly foraging throughout the game’s various maps.

Peculiar Cocoon is a material you won’t find yourself needing until the game’s second chapter. That’s because it’s exclusive to a new location you don’t have access to at the start. You’ll find Peculiar Cocoon in Fuyufusagi Fort, which you’ll unlock after completing quests in the chapter’s starting location, Akikure Canyon.

As you trek through Akikure Canyon, you’ll come across giant bundles of web scattered in various places. Harvesting from those bundles will net you Silken Thread. The same is true for Peculiar Cocoon in Fuyufusagi Fort. The only visual difference between the two is that it will sparkle a bright blue whereas Silken Thread will sparkle green.

You’ll be able to make some new armor once you have a good supply of Peculiar Cocoon. You will, of course, need to fight some kemono from Fuyufusagi Fort before they’ll become available for crafting. If you really want to freshen up your look, you can always edit your appearance after making new armor. You can take the makeover a step further by crafting a completely new weapon as well. If you haven’t already used it, consider experimenting with a unique weapon like the Bladed Wagasa.