Wild Hearts Ragetail | How to Defeat

Your very first hunt in Wild Hearts doesn’t hold any punches. After the game’s opening tutorial, you’re tasked with slaying a kemono known as the Ragetail. It’s an incredibly tough fight when you’re getting used to the combat system and karakuri mechanics. The Ragetail is quick, powerful, and a truly formidable opponent at the start of the game. If you’re struggling with this kemono and need some extra help, read on to find out how to defeat the Ragetail in Wild Hearts.

How to Defeat the Ragetail in Wild Hearts

How to Defeat the Ragetail in Wild Hearts

The most important thing to keep in mind when fighting a Ragetail is that it likes to attack at close range. If you’re using the Bladed Wagasa, it makes the perfect sparring partner to practice timing your parries with.

Any other weapon will require you to keep a short distance between you and the Ragetail until it tires itself out. Stack a few karakuri crates to give yourself some breathing room during the fight. It also has an attack where it will slam its tail down, which packs a real wallop. You’ll need to be vigilant about avoiding it; dodging will be your best friend.

When enraged, its tail swells up to a huge size. Severing it should be a priority if you’re using a bladed weapon. On top of preventing the Ragetail from using its strongest attacks, the severed tail will reward you with rare materials.

If you aren’t using a bladed weapon then you need to focus on its head, which is by far the weakest part of the Ragetail. Mauls and Bows dish out a good amount of damage to the head. You can even switch to a different weapon after severing the tail while in the middle of the quest.

Keep up the pressure by being aggressive with your attacks and the Ragetail will go down in no time. Just make sure to study its attack patterns to know when to dodge. If you need some extra assistance, be sure to take advantage of the cross-play multiplayer available. Taking down kemonos is a lot easier with a full party of hunters to help you.