Wild Hearts Serpent Flotation Cutis | Where to Find

There are a wide variety of different crafting materials to find in Wild Hearts. Some are easy to locate and forage, such as Peculiar Cocoon. Others require a bit more work because they’re drops from small kemonos. One example of this is the material Serpent Flotation Cutis. Not only does this drop from a specific small kemono, it also can’t drop until a specific chapter. If you need help getting your hands on this crafting material, read on below to see where to find Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts.

Where to Find Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts

Where to Find Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts

Finding Serpent Flotation Cutis actually isn’t very hard. The only thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to obtain it whenever you want. That’s due to how Wild Hearts handles free roaming. You can fast travel easily and you’re able to explore any of the game’s locations without doing a quest. However, you have to be mindful of chapters when fast traveling.

Different kemono will show up in different chapters and quests will be exclusive to particular ones as well. There will also be completely new crafting materials depending on the chapter. Because of this, Wild Hearts allows you to travel back to previous chapters on the main map. Pressing left or right on the d-pad will let you cycle through them.

You’ll need to reach at least Chapter 3 in order to obtain Serpent Flotation Cutis. Once you’ve made sure you’re on the correct chapter, use the main map and fast travel to Natsukodachi Isle. The quickest way to get to your target location is to travel specifically to the Silvan Settlement Ruins. Then you simply need to head northwest to the Dragon Altar where you first encountered the Lavaback. You’ll find Whipthrash Serpents within the area, which are small kemono that resemble dragons.

Slaying a Whipthrash Serpent will allow you to harvest Serpent Flotation Cutis from its corpse. However, this can only be done in Chapter 3 and above. If you kill a Whipthrash Serpent in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2, you’ll instead harvest Serpent Slough, a completely different crafting material.