Wild Hearts Serpent Slough | How to Get

If you want to take on larger, more lethal Kemono in Wild Hearts, you’ll need some more powerful weapons and armor to get the job done. And, while there are many options for which weapons are best for taking on these colossal beasts, there are also numerous options for armor. Some of which you’ll have to craft, which may find you in need of Serpent Slough. Additionally, this item is required to activate Dragon Pits. Overall, there’s a good chance you’ll be in need of Serpent Slough in Wilds Hearts, so keep reading to find out how to get it.

How to Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

How to Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

To get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts, you need to kill Whipthrash Serpents. You can find these snake-looking Kemono located in Natsukodachi Isle. Once you’re at this location, use your detailed map to pinpoint the Whipthrash Serpent spawn. You can also make things easier for yourself by scrolling over to the “Small Kemono” on the bottom left icon wheel. This will limit which Kemono spawns you’re shown, which in turn will allow you to find the Whipthrash Serpent spawn quicker.

Once you’ve found the Whipthrash Serpent spawn, you just need to kill these Kemono to net yourself some Serpent Slough. On the contrary, you can also pet these flying snakes. However, doing so will only result in them dropping Serpent Beard, which isn’t what we’re here for. Whipthrash Serpent do respawn at this location, so if you ever need more Serpent Slough simply come back here to farm some.

Aside from using Serpent Slough for Dragon Pits, you’ll need it to craft three crucial pieces of armor. These are the Spirit Isle Uwagi chest pieces, Ocean Wave Hachimaki headwear, and lastly the Grithide Body Armor. All of which are fine pieces of armor that’ll have you equipped for taking on the most challenging Kemono.

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