Wild Hearts Sharp Scales | Where to Find

There are three types of crafting materials found in Wild Hearts. The first, and most obvious, are the materials you obtain from the giant kemonos you fight. Then, there are the natural materials you’ll pick up by foraging throughout the game’s numerous maps. But there are also materials that are dropped only by small kemono. Each small kemono will drop specific materials unique to their species. Some small kemono are actually passive, but sadly that doesn’t make their parts any less valuable. If you’re in the need of Sharp Scales for crafting and are struggling to get them, read on to find out where to start searching.

Where to Find Sharp Scales in Wild Hearts

Where to Find Sharp Scales in Wild Hearts

Much like Serpent Flotation Cutis, another advanced crafting material, you won’t be able to find Sharp Scales out of the gate. The materials that can be found in and out of quests changes at certain story points in Wild Hearts. To help ensure you can obtain what you need, you’re able to travel to versions of locations from previous chapters. You can do this on the main map by pressing left or right on the d-pad.

You’ll need to have hit Chapter 3 in order for Sharp Scales to begin to spawn. You’re then going to need to head to Akikure Canyon, the third unlockable location in the game. You might have already stumbled across small kemono known as Nightshade Monitors in the previous chapter. Typical Nightshade Monitors in Chapter 2 will drop Pointed Scales. However, a new variant of the Nightshade Monitors will be roaming all throughout Akikure Canyon in Chapter 3. Slaying these variants will reward you with Sharp Scales.

Just keep in mind that it can sometimes be very easy to accidentally select a different chapter in the main map without realizing it. Always make sure that you’ve selected the right version of Akikure Canyon before venturing off to find Sharp Scales. There are plenty of other crafting materials you’ll need to keep an eye out for as well. For example, it’s a good idea to have extra Silken Thread and Peculiar Cocoon on hand.