Wild Hearts Strigine Flight Bone | How to Get

While hunting giant Kemono in Wild Hearts is always exciting, it isn’t always the most productive in terms of obtaining certain crafting items. This is due to the fact that the majority of the larger Kemono do not drop the resources required for upgrading or crafting. Most of the time, it is the smaller, friendlier, and more plentiful Kemono that provides you with these resources. That is precisely the case if you require Strigine Flight Bone. If you’re wondering how to get this resource we outline all the details of doing so below.

How to Get the Strigine Flight Bone in Wild Hearts

How to Get the Strigine Flight Bone in Wild Hearts

To get Strigine Flight Bone in Wild Hearts, you need to kill Deathspine Nighthawks. These are the only species of Kemono that drop Strigine Flight Bone and you can only find them in Fuyufusagi Fort, which you unlock during Chapter 2 of the main story. As a result, you’ll first want to find Fuyufusagi Fort on your Main Map Screen. Once you have it, switch to detailed view and find the marker that says “Deathspine Nighthawk”. You can also make things easier on yourself by filtering by Kemono type using the icon list on the bottom left.

Now that you’ve found Deathspine Nighthawks, you can begin killing them for Strigine Flight Bone. This shouldn’t be difficult, as these black owl-looking Kemono don’t fight, but rather flee. With that said, if you startle them, there’s a chance they’ll take off and fly away. Be sure you’re sneaking up on the Deathspine Nighthawks to ensure you land a killing blow on them.

When you kill a Deathspine Nighthawk they can drop either Strigine Flight Bone or Grimey Strigine Flight Bones. The difference in what they drop depends on how far you’ve progressed in the story. If you kill Deathspine Nighthawk in Chapter 2, they will drop Grimey Strigine Flight Bones, whereas if you head back and kill these Kemono in Chapter 3 or later, they’ll only drop Strigine Flight Bones. This is clutch in our case because it’s exactly what we’re searching for!

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