Will Halo Infinite Release On Xbox One?

Halo Infinite is, without a doubt, the Xbox’s biggest game hitting the airwaves of anticipation. With many speculating the fate of Master Chief and whether or not it’ll release by Christmas, many are looking forward to the next chapter in Xbox’s most iconic mascot. While it is clear that the Xbox Series X|S will feature the game, will Halo Infinite be accessible through an Xbox One console? Keep reading onward for the answers you seek.

Is Halo Infinite Going To Be On Xbox One?

Halo Infinite on Xbox One guide

The short answer is yes, Halo Infinite will be released onto Xbox One; the only potential downside is the downgrade of graphics and performance compared to newer Xbox consoles. Evidently, the frame rate limit will be dialed down to support the older hardware. This is done so Halo Infinite can be enjoyed on both Xbox generations when the game (hopefully) hits this holiday season. Frank O’Connor, Franchise Development Director at 343 Industries, confirmed the news back in 2019 when the game was originally scheduled as a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S.

Following the recent technical test for multiplayer, some reports have indicated that Xbox One performance was recognizable low compared to next-gen hardware. Even though this might be upsetting for some players, the game will still be made for both Xbox generations. Especially with the inclusion of the free-to-play multiplayer, there’s much to appreciate when the game officially launches.

In addition to the Xbox One inclusivity, Halo Infinite will support cross-platform play and save progression. You can link up with fellow Xbox and PC users however you like, no matter the console you possess. As long as you use your Microsoft/Xbox account to log in to Halo gameplay, your progress will be saved. Plus, the game will be available as a Game Pass launch title; anyone with a subscription will be able to jump in on Day One (if the servers are functional that day).

As aforesaid, Halo Infinite is expected to drop into action this holiday season, but no official date has been announced. Be sure to check back when 343 Industries releases more content along the way as the game approaches closer, potentially.