Will Hitman 3 VR Be on PC?

Hitman 3 is an Epic exclusive for 12 months, but is on PC starting January 20! That means you can play on PC at the same time as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. One of the more cool things about Hitman 3 is it’s VR functionality, flexing the power of PSVR to any with a reality helmet. That brings up an enticing point; will Hitman 3 VR on PC become a thing? Or are we going to need a PlayStation to jump into the body and mind of Agent 47?

Will Hitman 3 VR Be on PC?

Hitman 3 VR on PC

Currently, no, Hitman 3 will be a PSVR exclusive at launch. In addition, there are no solid release dates for Hitman 3 VR on PC. If your goal is to get playing on VR as soon as possible, grab the PlayStation version. PSVR will be available on both PS4 and PS5, for those who might not have had the chance to move to the next generation yet.

Is this to say that no PC user will be able to experience the game through VR? No, of course not! The developers have expressed an interest in the PC community in the past, and there’s a chance that Hitman 3 will come to VR on PC relatively soon.

Part of the issue is that the Epic Games store is slightly less supportive of virtual reality games, compared to Steam. Valve has more in stock for supporting the genre. It’s possible that the guys at IO Interactive are planning to look more into VR on the PC with Steam’s services to back them up.

This is all optimistic, however. It’s possible that they made a deal with PlayStation to keep things on the PSVR, which would be a shame. The VR experience is clearly well-developed, and they seem to be quite proud of what they got done. With luck, they’ll be willing to spread some of that love to other consoles as soon as they are able to.

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